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Busy Days

Wow, so this morning has been busy!

All sites are down.. From 8pm to 2am. Long ass day and boy are people going to hear about it.

Had a good day today and the last couple days. Haven’t really done too much though.

Went out lots with JonJon and hung out with Andrew tonight.

Andrew really pissed me off tonight though. I’ve told him many times why I’m not wanting a relationship again with him, and I’m getting really sick of having to constantly defend my decisions.

If he wants to move on, then I think he should, if he wants to try and wait to see if/when I come back, then he should do that. But his constant trying to get me to say that I still love him and that I want him to sit and wait for me is really annoying.

The debates are stupid and I don’t want to vote for either of these idiots. Gah!

Sent a LONG ass e-mail to Zora Zimmerman again today. The associate Dean at ISU. Bitching about my grade. Gah!

So annoying.

Spoke to Justin Jenkins again today, haven’t talked to him in a while. Can’t wait to get back to Iowa to hang with him and everyone/anyone else once I get back.

Missed the Princess Crew a lot today. 🙁

Laters all.


Best debate quote: “No Child Left Behind act is really a jobs act if you think about it.”

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