My Life


I have this splitting headache as if I’ve been drinking hard core style. Though I haven’t been.

I hardly slept at all today. I got home about 8:30 and tried to sleep from then tell like 10ish, but couldn’t. So jonJon came over, cause he was sick and had called into work. Anyways, he came over and we hung out at my place watching trashy day time TV for a while and then eventually I drug him out to foothill where we bought my curtians.

They had a really good sale and the woman gave me the 40% off even though I didn’t have the coupon. 🙂 Which was good, because the fabirc was $50 even WITH the 40% already taken off! Then they had a 50% off sale on rods and stuff, so I bought that there as well. Now I’m just trying to locate a sewing machine to use. Nikki said she’s going to ask her mom if I can borrow hers. That’d be nice if I can, cauuse I don’t know where else I’d get one from.

After that we went to Old Navy which was right next door and I was scared in there. That store was a HUGE mess! We talked to Dave for a bit, who by the way has really hot eyes. Rarr. Broke fromthere and came back to my place. I cooked supper and we ate, then JonJon finally learned how to Knit! So he worked on his scarf, and I fell asleep finally!

Slept tell 11:15ish when Andrew called and woke me up. Got ready and came into work.

Oh, I forgot to mention, early in the day I came out of my room to get a drink and saw Ty walking around naked! Thankfully I didn’t have my glasses on, so I just saw this large white naked body and nothing else! Thank god for being blind!

So that’s basically been my day.

Yesterday I also e-mailed a whole bunch of people. Namely Frank and Kay, like I said I would. I also e-mailed the Associate Dean of the LAS collage back at ISU asking for an update about what’s going on with that stupid Yucatan class. She said she’d contact the Profs and get back to me. I’ll give her a week.

Umm, and that’s been about my life.

Laters all.

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