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San Diego

This weekend was really great.

I did lots of random things, and went to San Diego on Saturday. Very fun down there. Bought this really cute soccer shirt for $5. And ate at this semi-good Thai place. It was alright.

Lets see, Friday night we hung out at star fucks and had a really good time. It was nice hanging with eveyrone again, it always seems like it’s been forever even though it relaly hasn’t been. Came home and went to bed really early that night for some reason.

Saturday got up early and like I said, went to San Diego. That was really fun. We walked around the gay area. And I found this REALLY cool store that’s exactly like RagStock in Kansas City. It was hot. Then we found this other store that was really neat and had some hot fucking underwear and some really nice shirts.

Came home and I made supper, then we went to Jo-Anns and found some really neat fabric to make curtians. The lady working said that on Sunday there’d be a 40% off coupon in the news paper, so we decided not to buy it and wait tell Sunday to get the coupon. Needless to say, I went through the paper TWICE today and couldn’t find it. Gah! So it’s going to be like $40 for curtains for my room. I’d also like to borrow someones sewing machine, but if I can’t I’ll just use that no-fray stuff. Whatever.

Came home and watched QaF. Went to bed at like 10. Really early again. lol

My imaginary protfolio (What’d I’d have invested in if I’ve invested anything) is down by $89. 🙁 Maybe I should wait a bit to invest money.

Today I got up about 1 and went up to chapman. Had a really fun day, though the night was a bit boring/slow.

Went to Habit and they had some really cute clothes there, but no rocket shirt like they said they had on the phone. Bah! Also walked around the rest of that area… I guess it’s in the ‘anti-mall’.

Umm, I’ve been very mad today. about a lot of things.

I was laying on the couch earlier and suddenly got REALLY mad about my Yucatan grade thing again. Those stupid fucking hoes. I sent the profs an e-mail today. we’ll see if they reply.

I think I’ll send Frank and Kay an e-mail as well, as my PU’s said they stopped by and were asking about me. It makes me feel good, but also a really annoyed because they didn’t bother coming/sending a card to my graduation. I don’t think those two understand how much they mean to me, or my life. Seriously, if it weren’t for Frank and Kay. I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.

We’ve been on this major HIPAA compliance thing lately. And apparently we’re getting a new door video monitoring thing. I guess no one except a very few people will be allowed keys and anyone that wants in has to be buzzed in by the HD now (they choose us cause there’s always someone in our office from midnight to 7pm). It’s really crazy.

Well anyways, laters all.

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