I think I’m going to buy an iPod and a new camera.

I’ve got the 40gb 4th Gen iPod on reserve at pcmall for $350, with my CAP discount. Then I added in the 2 year service agreement which was another $40. But I might take that out, do you really think that I need the extra year of service? I dunno.

I also added a PowerShot S410 in there for $300. I really like that camera, but I dunno if I should spend the money on it or not. We’ll see. I’d really like a new camera. But I dunno if I should be spending the $300 right now. I have to pay for my plane tickets back to Iowa here soon. I’ve also been thinking about getting my bonds from the PU’s and cashing them in, and just wasting the money and buy myself something nice. Or maybe I’ll hold them and use them as a downpayment on a car. Who knows.

Speaking of cars. I spent like 4 hours on the phone with JonJon tonight talking to him about something he was depressed about. I think I cheered him up and that was good. ­čÖé I like making people happy.

I told him that if he wanted to, he could come over tomorrow morning and watch a couple QaFs with me before he has to go to work. We’ll see.

Also Friday night I think we’re going to go to Ozz, and then Saturday while Andrew’s doing checking JonJon and I are going to make some road trips around to find stuff. ­čÖé

I’ve been wanting to find somewhere where I can go horse back riding up into the mountians, and somewhere that will let you keep the horses long enough to see the sun set. I doubt such a thing exists in this stupid fucking state.

Tonight was amusing. Well that is after the annoyances. First, I took a “short cut” so that I woudln’t have to deal with the I-5 traffic. Yeah, well that short cut took me an hour. Fuck that shit. then I got there and ended up having to wait 1.5 hours before getting to go to dinner. Oh well.

We went to karaoke┬álaters that night and taht was amusing as hell. Though the stupid sound system kept crashing and shit. Andrew and BM did ‘shoop’. Very funny! DANCING BM!

People kept thinking I was a new student. Very annoying cause they kept trying to get me to dance and shit. Bah! Fuckers

Umm, I fucked up my timesheet program by using task_name instead of task_id as a group by function, so now instead of having each Project/Task total seperate each task is totalled the same… Here’s an example:

Project1/Task1 Has 10 hours submitted

Project2/Task1 Has 4 hours submitted

Right now, it’s say that BOTH Project1/Task1 AND Project2/Task1 has 14 hours submitted instead of reporting correctly. Very annoying. Though it should be an easy fix… Just not in the mood to do it right now.

I have 89 songs left in my playlist before I’ve listened to ALL my music! Yay!

I also added a new plugin to give me the total words for each post at the bottom of the post, it’s it hot?

JonJon asked the other day when he gets to go back to Iowa. It made me feel good that someone actually wants to see what Iowas like and see what I’m always talking about…. At least I know people are listening. I wish I could take a group of people back to show them the Garden and Frathouse and Redlight and to see the town where I grew up and where I went to school. Though I’m sure they’d all be bored out of thie rminds. Whatever.

Whatelse? Nothing really.

Laters all.

2 thoughts on “Ipod/Camera”

  1. Thanks for changing your RSS setting.

    Yay! for making people feel better. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when it works. I wish I was better at that. Heh.

    Surely there’s more to do in Des Moines than bars? Or even ‘gay’ things. Hey, you should check out Jordan Creek when you come back, even if it’s not with a group of people. It’s really nice! (But there aren’t any geek stores!!!)

  2. Yeah, there’s more to do in DM then the bars, but they are still something that I would want to take the people to. Because they are so much different then the ones out here.

    And I totally want to check out the Jordan Creek when I get back cause I’ve heard some really cool things about them!

    Isn’t there an Apple store opening there soon?

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