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Umm, so tonight was another night of speaking to JonJon on the phone for hours. It was very strange the fact that we talked for that long yet again. I dunno what to think about there.

Though, tonight I was a bit annoyed because pretty much the whole time I could hardly understand what he was saying.

Anyways. The real point of this update is to talk about what some of the thing he said. I guess that Jenny O one of his managers at ON said something about how we’re pratically boyfriends just without the title. And it’s so totally true. But I just don’t know if I could handle having JonJon as a boyfriend persay. As I’ve said before.

At this point, I really don’t WANT a boyfriend. I just want to have some sexual expereinces in my life. Like I’ve told Andrew and I want nothing more. But JonJon totally wants osmething more and I just don’t know what to say or do about that.

I really like JonJon and I like our relationship as it is. Being practically boyfriends, having sex and having fun. It’s not like i’m going to go out and fuck anyone and everyone out there.

Also he said that he gets impatient. I really hope that he doesn’t mean he’s putting things off with someone else by waiting on me. Because I really don’t want him to wait for me. I’m really no good for him and I don’t want him waiting around for me. But whatever. Who knows what’s going on.


Laters all.

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