First Full Weekend

Well, it seems as though most of my updates from now on will be coming to you from late at night like this. Oh well, that’s life, eh?

So what’s Chris been up to on his first full weekend of living in good old So Cal? Well not much to really tell you the truth. I’ve spent the majority of the weekend in front of the TV. Ty and his bf seemed to have had a bit of a tiff this weekend so they weren’t really doing much of anything. Anyways, I did go out for a drive on Saturday. I went to the mall which is just up the street and it’s a bit ghetto, a lot like the Ames mall, only different shops in it. And at least it’s 2 stories… Though the second story is only the food court. Then I got lost trying to find Vons and Wal-Mart, but I eventually found them. They were on the OTHER side of the 73 then where I was looking. Damn interstates. I also bought like $30 worth of food for me. Good times. 🙂

I’ve also spent lots of time talking to Andrew this weekend, which was nice. I would have liked to talk to him a bit more, especially today because I had a lot to tell him tonight, but he had fallen asleep apparently and called me back about midnight Iowa time just to say goodnight. Hopefully we’ll get to talk tomorrow and I can tell him all about everything, that is if I remember it all.

OH, one thing that I wanted to write about though…. I think the roomie and his bf had sex today while I was there… I was watching TV on the couch, and they both went into the bedroom… And like shortly after that I feel asleep. The next thing I know I hear the shower going and they are both in there, this was like an hour or more after they disappeared into the bedroom. Then after the shower Ty comes out and he was like… ‘Did you hear anything.’ And I was like, I was asleep. But I think they had sex… It’s scary!

Umm other then that, the roomie and I had a great time last night. We sat around talking about porn and sex, and then we watched some porn. It was really funny. I’ve also been loving the fact that Talk Sex (previously Sunday night Sex show) is on early out here, so I can actually watch it. I love that show!

Today was fathers day, and I called my dad like a good little son. It was very wierd the whole time talking to him, though I was amazed that we could find enough to talk about to fill a full 15 minutes. There was lots of wierd silence and stuff, but we still talked about a lot of things. I think it’s a good thing because it shows that our relationship is finally starting to grow better. Like 2 or 3 years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to say anything except, ‘Happy fathers day”….”Thanks”….”Talk to you later”…”Bye”

But now we can actually talk about things. I hope that we continue to talk more. I’d also really like to talk to my Grandpa more as well, I know that he’s not going to be around much longer and he’s such a great person to talk to, and I have so many great memories of him. I just wish that I had more. I also wish that my grandma and that side of the family would talk more about our family history. It’s very annoying now knowing ANYTHING about where our roots are at. As I’ve talked about before I’m very jeleous of Andrew because of his heritage, not that they follow it strictly, but at least they have something and they still have a few traditions that they do. Whereas my family has nothing. My moms side is almost ALL german, but we don’t have any german traditions……

Well, alright doing a quick search returns this And reading through it, I really do have a lot of German qualities, that is if this is real at all. I found this part to be particularly true:

Real Germans are perpetual bargain hunters. As soon as they buy anything they are slightly unhappy, because somewhere else that has inevitably escaped their attention, there was some place that had a better quality and it was cheaper!

lol. It’s so true!

Anyways, getting back to what started this, I’d really like to talk to my grandpa more and just hang out. I wish he were still able to do the things we used to do, like go shooting or fishing, or even just driving with him in his biig old pick up truck. I wish he still had that beast. I also wish that I had had a chance to go and visit them for a week this summer, like I have in the past. I always really enjoy going down there for that week. And while I was growing up they were such a HUGE part of my summer. Sometimes spending more then half of my summer at thier house.

Changing topics. I really hate working here alone, about midnight the doors to the elevator shaft automatically swing shut. And they are HUGE fire doors so when they SWING shut, they do so with a great force which is very loud and I can hear it even in my office. So far it’s scared me every morning and I always get up to go look to see what it is. I really hate it. Then about 2AM, the security guard comes up and goes through the doors and when they swing shut behind him they hit again and scare me again. Very annoying.

Ok, one more thing that I want to complain about here at work then I’m all done for now…. Friday morning I went through and cleaned out the inbox of the IChelp desk account and moved everything to categories for each call, which is supposed to be done as soon as you take a call so that way it’s easier to find things, but no one seems to ever do it. So I’ve just been cleaning ALL the calls they get during the day when I get here in the morning. Which isn’t that big of a deal because I have nothing else to do, so at least that takes about 30 minutes of my time to do….

Well anyways, I went through and read all of the e-mails and left the ones that Mike needed to read as unread, there were only 23 e-mails that he had to read, and that’s ALL he had to do to them, was read them. Well I come in this morning and he didn’t read a SINGLE one of them on Friday. He was here from 7am to 7pm, and ALL of those e-mails were still marked as unread. Which is very annoying because it’s not like he had to read them and then do something that took hours to do to complete them, they were all just informational, so all he had to do was read them… IE, open them. Grr. It’s just fairly annoying.

Well, I should probably go do something else. Laters all.

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