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Well, I’m now officially commited to the job. Crazyness, eh?

I’m so scared and yet so excited all at the same time.

This weekend was spent with lots of crazy times as well. Ok, not really crazy. Just very busy and yet lazy times. We didn’t really do much all weekend.

Saw Troy last night. A huge waste of $8. Not even all the hot boys and brad pitts ass, made up for how horrible the movie was.

I might have found a roomie. It seems really promising.

After Troy, on the drive home I had a horrible break down. I was driving and crying so much. I had to call Andrew and we talked for a short bit.

I’m really scared. I really wanted this summer here in Iowa to do all those things that I’ve done a million times once more.

Anyways, I have to get back to my job now… Laters all.

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So multiple people have said “I saw Troy” in their journals…and everytime without fail…I think to myself, “I wonder who Troy is…I wonder if it’s the same Troy I know.”

And then I remember it’s a movie…not a person.

And I punch myself in the face.

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