More About The Job

Ok, so here’s a little more information about the job.

I was at Old Navy, when I heard my message indicator. I figured it was just Andrew TxTing me again, because he had done that earlier. But I was able to get away from the register long enough to hide out behind a clothes rack to check and see who it was…..

It was a voice mail from Jon T. By that point I was insanly excited, but I wasn’t supposed to go on break for like another half an hour. So I put my phone away and went off and tried to go do other things. It just DIDN’T work at all! After about half an hour, and they still hadn’t sent me on my break I went to the “bathroom”.

Well, I REALLY did have to go, but I was going to check my voice mail in the process. So I go back there, and there’s someone in there… So I stood in the hall way, where there’s REALLY bad reception and called my voice mail. It was scratchy and staticie and everything else. And about the only thing I heard was…”We would like to offer you the job”

My heart JUMPED and I jumped and I screamed and I was like, YES YES YES! I wanted to walk out of that place right then and there and be like, “SCREW YOU”

Instead I waited a few more minutes to see if anyone would come out of the bathroom, but no one did. So I said screw it and went back up front. Soon after taht they sent me on break finally, and I ran out to my car and called Jon/Andrew/Mom.

Jon gave me the run down, and told me what the salary would be, which is a VERY NICE salary, and also asked when I could start. Which we decided on would be June 15th.

The rest of the night at Old Navy, all I could think about was how am I going to pull this off, get everything out of my apartment, get my mail forwarded… And most importantly, pack a WHOLE summer into two weeks.

Oh man, there’s going to be a lot of SEX and THREESOMES in the next two weeks! 😛

After work we all went out to eat and had a great time. Then Andrew and I came back home and just sat around talking and I was being sad. 🙁

Today I have to work Old Navy from 1-10. Which is going to be hellish. I really don’t want to do that! Grrr.

Well I should be breaking now. I have a lot to do.

Laters all.

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