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Almost There!

Well here I am, about an hour and a half away from seeing my baby cakes. How exciting! I can’t wait to see him. So far my day has been pretty good. Not much really going on besides working.

I spent the day in the front office hanging out with shelly and the receptionist. We had some pretty good laughs. I also read Adbusters, as stated in my earlier post. While discussing how quiet it was in the front office compared to my office (Where I always have music going) we got to talking about bands and what type of music we all liked. Shelly, who has 2 kids and is like 30ish, not only KNEW who the cranberries were, but loved the cranberries. How crazy is that!

After work, I drove to OMA, I was WAY early, but that’s life. I sat around there and just really didn’t do anything. I did buy a GIGANTIC rice crispy bar. It was soo good. Considering today I’ve only had that and a ham sandwich, I’m starving. I hope Drew Bear has something I can eat once I get there.

I’m really exited to be there, in case I hadn’t mentioned that yet. And very excited to not only meet Mike, who I’m most excited to meet, but also to meet all of Andrew’s other friends.

The weather in Iowa hasn’t been to good the last few days, raining off and on since Monday, and I don’t think that the sun has been out since Sunday afternoon or so. So I’m not only excited for the people of Cali, but also for the weather of cali and getting to see the sun. Today it RAINED all fucking day, and the drive to OMA was hell because of the rain. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be worse, IE, snow and freezing rain. It’s a good thing we didn’t go for the Friday flight as originally planned.

Anyways, the first flight was absolute HELL! We flew at about 27,000 feet, but it seemed as though we were on the most bumpy, and potholed gravel road you could find, going at 450 mph. It was so bad that the flight attendents wouldn’t even get out of their seats to serve drinks or anything.

One good thing was that I got seat 1A on that flight, so I was RIGHT next to the door to get out. That was exiting, also there was a really hot homo on there.

We landed in Denver about 10 minutes early, which is amazing considering the weather. I called Drew Bear and then scampered off to catch my other flight, I only had a 20 minute layover in Denver. Though the airport is really nice.

In Denver I read the newspaper which I found laying around. Apparently the Disney guy got kicked out of his job. Which is good news. Hopefully the new CEO will be better.

Also read about the gay marriges which are happening everywhere it seems now. It really got to me and I cried a little bit. It’s so wonderful that all these people are getting to get married, and that they are taking the initial steps to making it federally legal. I hope that someday I can share that with someone. I really do.

I also find it really amazing how fast the numbers are increasing, today the paper said 3,440 just in SF alone. I’d love to go see what it’s like there! I can’t beleive all those homos just in one place! 🙂

Speaking of homos, there’s two homo couples on this flight, a lesbian and a gay couple, they are both really cute and really make me want to be with my baby even more! I can’t wait to see those big brown eyes again.

OH, also on my first flight, the woman next to me was crazy! LIke she’d be awake one second, and then you turn around, and she’s dead to the world. Like literaly. The Flight guy was talking to her, and he turned around just to grab something and by the time he got back she was out cold, he was like, “Maam, hello, I was just talking to you.” It was so funny.

They were VERY funny on the first flight.

Alright, enough about that flight. The second flight is going alright. I’m in Seat 2F, so again right close to the door. Fast exit that way. Hopefully the stupid people next to me won’t hold me up to much.

So far this flight is going much better though, we were able to lly about the rain, about 40,000 feet and we’re doing 500mph. They say we’ll be able to make up the 15 minutes we’re behind schedule in the air. So that’ll be good. I don’t want to add an extra minute before seeing Drew Face!

I’m very extited for this whole weekend. I’ll probably only get to update again on Monday, so hope everyone enjoys this update!

Laters all!

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