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So, here I am reading the latest Adbusters, and come across this article on SSRI’s.

The drug I was on from the time I was 14 to 18.

Here’s what it has to say:
“Late in 2003, British drug authorities said antidepressants except Prozac should not be given to under-18’s.”

Great! So that’s why I had so many problems. It goes on to say:
“…New expert group went on to conduct a review which led to the near ban of all SSRI use…meanwhile the FDA and the media remain in near denial…given that they produce emotional disturbances and suicidal thinking in children”

So the things they were “treating” me for, were actually SIDE EFFECTS of the fucking Medicine that I was on.

Stupid mother fuckers.

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I read an article in the paper about that this Sunday. It didn’t list side effects, but that they didn’t know if it was safe to use for children. Yet, one person said that some days her son wouldn’t leave for school he was so depressed, so she felt like the antidepressents were doing some good if he could at least do that. Crazy stuff.

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