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Where Are We GOING!?!

I know i haven’t really done much of a real entry lately, but not much has really been going on. I’ve been working alot and doing other random stuff. Trying to get packed for the trip to Mexico and also for the trip this weekend. Classes have been classes and as I said my HIST prof is totally crazy.

Anyways, the weekend has been pretty fun. Friday night I went out with Justin again. We went to the frathouse and had a really good time. It was free drinks tell 11, and free cover. So we both got fairly tipsy before 11. I stopped drinking after that but he kept on going. He was pretty smashed by the time we left at 12:30. I drove him home and as I was dropping him off we hugged, and then he leaned out and started to come back in for what I thought was another hug. But he gave me a kiss on the lips.

I was like, “Ok, I think you need to go to bed.” He called me on my way home and appologised and also told me the next day that he felt really bad about it. I told him not to worry, no harm done. And also he was pretty damn drunk, so I associate it to that.

Anyways, I drove home and stayed up for a while talking to Andrew and then went to bed. I slept in pretty late Saturday, but got up and went to DM. Turned in my app to Old Navy, and the manager was like, “Let me ask you a few questions” So i wa slike, alright… Then she goes “Ten words that describe yourself” and I was like, “Ummm, I have no clue.” I did get 5 out though, and that sucked.

Then like as soon as I walked out the door I was like, “THE SCOUT LAW!” Damnit, Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courtesy, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent. Hello! There’s twelve right there. Dmanit. I was so annoyed at myself for that.

But I really hope I get the job. I mean, it’s a mindless job, but I think it’ll be fun. Plus extra money and good discounts on the super fabulous clothes they have!

After that I drove to VWM and picked up my suit then broke for home.

Sat around home all day reading business case studies and shit. Found out that Orange County is the number 2 inflated home prices in the country. Also read a hilarious 101 stupidest corporate activites too. Very amusing. I was going to post it here, but you have to pay to read it. Bastards.

Anyways, after that I sat around. Justin and I talked online and he invited me to a movie, and even offered to pay. it was super nice of him. We went and saw EuroTrip, which has two super hot boys in it. And we get to see thier asses! Holla! It was really funny too. I enjoyed it.

After the movie we went to El Rodeo and I had fried ice cream and we sat and talked and shit. It was good times. from there we went and drove around. He tried getting me lost, but actually got himself lost. Good thing I knew where I was going. He was just giving me directions and I was following them. We ended up at Saylorville and just drove around and stuff. Yet again, good times.

Drove him home and then I went home.

Today has been a long day. got up, did stuff, came home, cleaned, studied for Strategic Management class, read more business case studies (I’m a case study whore!) then did a strat analysis on Mandrake soft.

Now i’m here, and I’m going to go lay down. I have a bit of a headache.

Laters All.

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