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Guys Didn’t Have Sex, That Just Wouldn’t Be Cool

Arg, I’m very annoyed at the people that work here. I’ve had a shit load of monitors in my office for a while now. Well one of them was being used in my office for a computer which I’ve been working on.

Well today I come into myoffice and ALL of the monitors are gone, and there’s a DEC monitor sitting in place of the old one that was being used. Now, obviously a DEC MOnitor will NOT work with a VGA input (because it’s RGB). So instead of putting the DEC monitor BACK ON THE SHELF and getting one that WOULD work. They just leave everything where it is. HOW ANNOYING. Grrr.

Anyways, the last couple days have been alright. I’ve been in lots of pain every morning when I wake up, both my back and my knee. I’ve also been getting HORRIBLE headaches shortly after waking up that last all damn day. It’s not good. The knee thing I think I know about, while working out over winter break, I think I did something to it. By back however, and the headache things aren’t good. I don’t know when I’ll get to a doctor to see about those.

Classes have been alright. I haven’t really been up to much in them. I just got done with my MGMT 478 test, it wasn’t too bad. I think I did pretty good on it. So that’s exciting.

Other then that life is pretty boring. I’m very excited to go see Andrew though! Yay! Only 2 days 8 Hours, 29 Minutes till I land in LAX. Good times! Woot.

I hope Mike won’t mind us making out in the back seat on the way home. lol.

So yeah, that’s coming up.

Reading back one year ago, wow. That weekend really changed a lot in my life. Glad that it happened. I’m not really going to expand to much on what all happened, because I haven’t really decided if I want to make that private entry public yet or not. So we’ll see.

Anyways, I have to get back to work.

Laters all.

4 replies on “Guys Didn’t Have Sex, That Just Wouldn’t Be Cool”

I read that title and I thought to myself, “Did he see the same movie as I did? What was that from, anyway?” Wow. A lot of impact HD FS had on me, huh?

Yeah, the whole one year things just seem like they all happened so recently. Though, I’m so glad it all happened and that it’s all over now.

Julian: I don’t think I could really capture how cool the “cool” factor was in that movie. I want to watch the rest of it. Stupid White Trash hoes!

It’s strange how something can simultaniously feel like it was a lifetime ago…and yesterday.

It truly was an odd string of events…that had quite an effect on the lives of us three.

The past is the past.

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