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The Paper Is Due…


So today’s been pretty good. Class was a complete waste. Went in and she just babbled the whole time about how you should read a book and how she got through grad school. Then she told us that she’s never even read the entire book for this book report. We were all like great.

Then she was like, “Oh and I’m cancelling the last book report” and the one due for today isn’t due tell April 1st now. Great. Oh well I turned it in early anyways.

She also cancelled class for Friday April 2nd, which means I get to leave Thursday right after classes now… How exciting is that!


I love her, I wish all my profs were as crazy as she is.

After she blabed forever she talked about drag queens in the 1920’s. Then she let us go.

I came back to work and the phone girl and I ordered pizza, it was only $2.50 each. Yummy yummy!

Then a meeting, and now I’m really tired. I want to leave work early, but I know I should stay and actually work on things. We’ll see though.

Laters all.

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