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A Weekend Together… AGAIN!

Well, this is by far been one of the BEST weekends of my life so far.

Anything that happened before 10:00pm Thursday is irrelevant. Because…

At about 10:30, Andrew called me. And yeah, I’ll admit I was a bit annoyed with him because nearly 3 and a half hours earlier he said he would call me in 2-2.5 hours. But never did. So I went to bed, and tried to sleep. I was very anxious because my package wasn’t there yet, and I really wanted to know what it was. So yeah.

Well, we talked for a couple minutes then he was like, I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll call you back in a bit. So I said fine, and we hung up. After that I heard some noises in the hallway outside my apartment. I just figured it was the neighbors or something, because they had been being noisy all day.

He calls back just as he said he would. And says, Can you come out to your living room. By then I knew what was up. I had had a feeling all day that something like this was going to be my present. So I get a pair of underwear on and go open the door. (He couldn’t get his key to work).

We stood there in my doorway and hugged and kissed for like 15-20 minutes. It was so great to see him again. Totally indescribable. I couldn’t believe that he was there, and every time I thought about it. I just laughed. Because I just couldn’t believe he was here in Iowa again. I was so happy though.

After a while we went into my bedroom and laid in bed, talking and hugging and kissing. It was just like old times. And seeing him again has made it seem like the last six weeks did just fly past. And it made me realize that the next 10 weeks will go just as fast. And we’ll both be great.

We stayed up tell like 1 or 2ish and finally decided we should go to bed. So we did, though neither of us slept very well. I think we were both far to excited to have each other back.

Got up early Friday morning cause we were both going to go into my workout class and work out. However, Andrew didn’t have any shoes so we decided to skip it and just hang out at home. Which we did, and it was so great to get to lay on my couch and watch Springer and Ricki again with him in my arms. I forget what we did after that. I know we spent all day Friday here in Ames. Just hanging out and doing random stuff. Just like old Wed’s. It was so great!!!

I still can’t believe that I got this chance, it’s still so amazing to me that he flew all the way out here just to see me, and everyone else again. I’m still just blown away by it all.

We went out Friday night with his sister and Bryce. Very amusing… Waitress with bad teeth, and no tip. Cause she was a bitch. Are they about here, because we don’t sit partial parties… I wanted to be like….Well, it’s not like we sat ourselves stupid bitch

Man, I’m just pulling a complete blank here. We were so busy this weekend that everything just seems to kinda smash together. I think we just went back to my place and hung out. Cause I don’t think that we left Ames at all on Friday, and we had to get up early Saturday to get to DM.

So we did. I think it was like 7:30 or so that we got up, dressed and headed out to DM. I was a bit annoyed with things that morning. Mostly because he was going out to breakfast with Courtney and crew. But I wasn’t invited to come along, so I had to drive him to DM, and then leave. Without getting breakfast or anything.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that he NEEDS alone time with all of his other friends, he didn’t just come back to see JUST me. But I felt that I could at least have been invited to breakfast and then I would gladly break and let them have time together. So we got into a bit of an argument about that. But everything got settled and I was in fact invited. So we all went and had a good time.

After we ate breakfast I broke and went home to help the PU’s with the Garage thing. That was VERY VERY annoying. They are siding it and it’s very hard to side. I won’t get into it all, but in total from about 10:30 tell 3:30 when I left, we got three sheets hung and a window and door. Grrr. Then at like 10 minuted before I had to leave to meet up with Andrew again, they asked me to go over to Ankeny to get some stuff for them.

So I drive over there and of course get stuck behind what I thought was the SLOWEST DRIVER on earth… Little did I know. Got to Menards, they didn’t have it. So I had to go to two different car parts stores to get the shit. Very annoying. Then I drive home and get stuck behind someone going EVEN SLOWER!

After I FINALLY got home, I drove over to Courtney’s and we hung out there for a little bit. I ate the rest of Andrew’s meal cause I hadn’t had anything to eat all day and was starving. Hung out there for a while then headed out. I think we went downtown, and met up with Beak and Leper boy. Just went to JJ’s for a short bit to get some drinks and hang out there. Nothing exciting going on though.

Broke from there and went to this place on Army Post Road and ate supper. Really good pizza. Broke after that and Andrew and I went back to PC. Hot tubbed and then came back to Ames. Hung out here, and didn’t really do much. But I was more then happy this weekend to just spend as much time as I could laying around hugging/kissing him. It was so great to have him back in town.

Sunday morning we slept in, but couldn’t stay in very late. Jamie came over and we had brunch with her. I cooked and I think it was damn good, if you ask me! Lol.

Once she left we broke and headed out. We went to the Zoo and had a really good time there. The sign at the front of the zoo said that the turtles weren’t out. Which was the whole reason I really wanted to bring Andrew there. But we went in anyways and had a good time. Got some really cute pictures from there…. Perhaps I’ll post them later. But the turtles were in fact out. So that was cool.

Left there and went to the Art Museum. That as fun times as well, and we both decided that it would be fun to live in the new section of it. Though with one less floor. It would be totally cool. He’s going to pay for half of the construction costs and I the other half.

Broke from there and went to Waukee. Met up with Ginny and other people.

At some point we had gone back to his house in Waukee as well. That was very sad and I had a bit of a break down there. It was just totally mind blowing there. And it was even worse cause when we were in his house he kept trying to reminisce. And I was just like, Not now, I’ll cry to much. I know he wanted to, and I felt bad about stopping him. But I couldn’t handle it there.

I had held back the tears so far the whole weekend. Because believe me, from the moment I saw him standing in my doorway all I wanted to do was cry.

After hanging out with people for one last time, we headed out and did a lot of random stuff. Went to one aquatic store, to see the fish and such. They didn’t have anything supper cool. But the did have some really neat stuff. About 6:30 or so we headed off to Jester and sat out there and watched the sunset from a little peninsula thing. It was so pretty out there. Again, got some good pics of it.

From the lake we went to an old camping spot that I had always gone to as a scout. We sat there next to it, and just talked for a while. I wish I had taken some matches or something because we could have had a fire. Oh well.

Once it got too cold we headed to West Des Moines to eat. Went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet. It was good times. Yummy!

Got done with that and then headed back to PC. It was about 9 by the time we got back there and I really wanted to go hot tubbing. But I guess it was smarter to not go. Because we had to get up at 5am this morning.

Well, we had to get up at 5. But I actually woke up about 3. My dad knocked on my door about 3:30 and said my dome light is on, so I had to go out and had to turn that off. Didn’t get back to sleep after that. Spent the rest of the night cuddling with Andrew and just kissing him. It was so sad. This weekend just flew past. Why can’t all the weekends that he’s gone fly past that fast.

We got up at 5 and he got ready. I just threw on some shorts and a hoodie since I was going to go work out after I got back from the airport.

The whole ride there was very sad. He started crying even before we left the house, and cried all the way to the airport. It was so sad because he was crying so hard, and I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t hold him. I couldn’t kiss him. It was so hard.

And it was even harder because I was sitting right next to him. But I still couldn’t do anything, but hold his hand. I just wish that I could have hugged him and held him. It was so hard.

We got to the airport and went in and got him checked in. That didn’t take anytime at all. So we went over to the waiting area before the security checkpoint and sat there and talked for a couple more minutes and then finally had to say goodbye. We rode the elevator up stairs together. Got and and hugged one last time.

I thanked him again for coming out this weekend and told him that I loved him. I started to cry again, and so did he. We stayed up there for probably about 10 minutes before he left to get in line for security. I turned and left. It was so hard.

I cried all the way out to my car. I’m sure the people in the airport thought I was crazy. Then I sat out in my car for a while and cried out there.

I thought that this time it would be easier then the first. But it wasn’t. It was just as hard.

I can’t wait tell Christmas gets here.

I drove back to Ames after leaving the airport, and saw what had to have been one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen. I called Andrew and wished him a happy flight once again. Got home, rode my bike to campus and then worked out. I decided to skip my class this morning though. I really didn’t feel like going at all. So rode home. Showered and then came to work.

Bad Idea… Everyone’s being VERY annoying. And Nazanin won’t leave me the fuck alone. Though Barb actually asked if everything was alright. I just told here that I had a long night and had to take a friend to the airport really early this morning.

Andrew’s flight is currently almost over Arizona, traveling about 492 mph and at 39,000 feet. He should be on the ground in about an 40 minutes. A bit early actually. Amazing considering he’s usually always late when it comes to flying. Hopefully Mike remembers to pick him up.

In short… This weekend has been absolutely wonderful. And we packed in a lot of the things that didn’t get done in the weeks before he left to go to Cali. So I’m glad about that. And I’m so happy that he came back, even though it was for a short time. I’m so excited now to see him again over Christmas. And I now officially have a boyfriend again! But more about that in a private entry.

So I hope that everyone else had as good a weekend as mine. And I hope that everyone else out there finds a boy as sweet as the one that I’ve found.


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