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Just Like Old Times.

Ok, so lets just state the obvious right off the bat… Andrew and I had a GREAT time this weekend.

But the best thing, was the fact that he was actually here! YAY!

All that night I had hoped that that was going to be my present. That he’d just randomly show up. And well, he DID! And that was the best. When he called and said to come out to the door. I just got a huge smile on my face. And I about ran to the door naked. But thought that I should put on some underwear first. So I grabbed some and ran back to the door while I was putting them on.

I opened to door and I was just in awe. I couldn’t believe that he was actually standing there in my doorway. We hugged and kissed and it was the best feeling, to be able to hug him again. It was so great to be able to see those big dark eyes again, and to be able to feel his hands around me.

We kissed and stuff. Like I said in the public update. He asked me to be his boyfriend again and that was so nice. I of course knew it was coming, why else would he fly all the way here. But it was still nice to have the official asking and stuff. I’m very happy that’s the decision he made. And I really hope that it was the RIGHT decision about things as well. After

But of course, we did other stuff. I didn’t really feel like we should. I would have rather laid there in bed just holding him, talking to him, etc. But I just couldn’t keep my hands to my self, and once he asked for a massage. One thing just lead to another. But it was nice, and it was good to know that I can still make him cum, just by jacking him off. 😀

Friday, I jacked him again. 😀 How I missed Enfuego. Though I missed his owner much more!

That day/night we really didn’t do anything, just laid around which was so very nice.

Saturday night, we had a good time. I drank a bit, but I don’t really think that I was actually drunk. Andrew wouldn’t drink though. Which was alright by me. But just thought it would be a bit fun for us both to get a bit tipsy.

He wore his cowboy hat, and thong that night. Very hot. We made love in my kitchen that night. It was by far the best I’ve ever had. I really want to go into detail like I used to, but I fear I’ll get hoodie a bit excited if I do… He’s already getting excited just thinkinga bout it.

There was a bit of time, where I was dry humping Andrew… He says that hoodie went in a bit. And I feel kinda bad about that. Because I didn’t mean for him to, and I… Well I don’t really know how to explain it. I just feel kinda bad.

We made love though, and it was really great. I dunno if it was just because we hadn’t seen each other or what. But it was great, and so nice to have him back here, and to know that he still loves me that much.

Sunday was also really nice. It was mostly a day of just the two of us. And it was well spent, and I think that we had a great time. It reminded me of all the other great days that we had to spend together. It really was just like old times, hanging out. Driving randomly. Holding hands in the car. Kissing at stop lights. So much fun. I can’t wait tell Christmas so that we can do it all again.

That night though was very sad. I wanted to just lay in bed all night and hold him and tell him how much I was going to miss him. But we had to get to sleep. I think we both slept a while. I know I slept tell at least 3am, when my dad woke us up. But he rolled around a lot that night, and I don’t think that he slept all that well. I kept trying to hold him, and every time he rolled, I had to move. You’d be surprised at how much one can roll around in such a small bed.

We got up this morning and the mood was so sad. Neither of us wanted to get out of bed. Because we knew that once we did, we only had a short amount of time left together. The worst part was the drive there.

He kept crying all the way there, and it was so sad. I wanted to pull over and just hold him, but I knew that if I didn’t keep driving we would be late. So I all I could do was to hold his hand, and tell him that things would be alright. I had to hold back my own tears. I felt so helpless the whole time. I couldn’t do anything, and I felt so bad about that.

But I know we’ll get through it, it’s been a tough 6 weeks, and we’ve got a tough 10 weeks left. But I know that we’ll do it. We’ll make it through and have a great time. We can pull off this long distance thing. We’re strong enough!

We had a great time this weekend being back together. And I can’t wait tell we can have that again. Hopefully next time it’ll be for a much longer duration.

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honey, i think you missed a part of it there… where it goes from
And I really hope that it was the RIGHT decision about things as well. After

But of course, we did other stuff.

it seems like there was more after the ‘after’ .. or i just dont get it. one of the two.
miss you tons

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