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Yep. I’m back. Not much really going on. Classes, classes, etc.

Work yesterday was pretty good, I was really busy all day long and Sue e-mailed me. I found it really touching, she said…”You are a wonderful young man” How nice of her!

After work was class, and we made our groups, I have one person in it that was in my group over the summer and he’s pretty good at getting things done, and the third guy is cute, so that’s always a plus! lol.

Once that was over, it was back home. I just spent the night laying around and not really doing anything. I watched three, count them THREE episodes of the west wing… I LOVE that show so much. I can’t wait tell it premiers again. No one best be bothering me during that time! 😛

After that I called Andrew and told him night. After that I had a bit of a break down, well alright, More then a bit of one. I spent most of the night crying and didn’t really sleep much. I wasn’t really sad. It was more of a happy cry, I’m preparing for the day he comes back! lol. I just can’t wait for it to happen though.

We did have a bit of a sad talk today though, about him and colleges. I just really hope that things “happen” to work out and we end up in the same area. We both are saying that we’re not basing our decisions on where the other is going, but we both know that we are doing that. Like he said tonight, I just wish we KNEW now where we are going to be in a year. I think that’s what the hardest thing is. Not knowing.

Anyways, this morning I got up really early, after not getting much sleep, and going to classes.

We were in the new room this morning for MGMT 414, and the BUILDING was FREEZING! I was soo cold. And the prof kept coming over and standing next to me. And I felt really stupid because everyone was looking at him and it was just very annoying. I’ll be sure not to sit there next class. And to wear a hoodie to that room! ::shivers::

It was in general cold today, I liked it. Cool nights and warm days.. Just want I want. I can’t wait tell I’m in Cali and can actually get that, year round eveN!!

After that I caught the bus over to Lago, and had class there. A lot of people went up today after class and complained that they couldn’t understand what the prof was talking about. I found that amusing. All I wanted to do was sign the attendance sheet.

I broke after that and ran into Vero infront of Carber. We talked for a bit, but we were both on our way somewhere, so it wasn’t long.

I went up and registered with Career Services. I’ll have to check out the website tomorrow to see if there’s any good jobs to apply to. And then I’ll have to start the process for Career Fair. I can’t believe that it’s coming up already! Very scary. I hope that something happens!

Once that was done, I ran up and checked e-mail and did a few other things, then ran down and called up K&G in PC. I talked to my former Ass-Manager, who is now the manager. She said she didn’t have any Overnights open, but that Ankey with Karren did. So I called there and asked and she said she did. So that’s cool. I could work there. But I think it’s the Karren from the PC K&G and if it is I HATE HATE HATE her with a passion. She’s such a bitch, I’d never be able to work for her again! So maybe Melanie will have something that I can work in PC, or maybe I’ll talk to the people here in town. Though I think they pay less then the one in PC and Ankeny. So we’ll see what happens though.

I really want to work overnights there though because they get like $14 an hour. So with that *8 hours a day and twice a week, that’d add up to some pretty good cash. And I really need some cash if I”m going to cali over spring break to look for places to live. Plus moving costs are going to be insane! I think Dorm said it cost him like $1200 to move to the east coast. And then I’ll have to have someone come with me to help move, and then I’d probably have to pay for the plane ticket back to Iowa for them, or whatever. So yeah. Very scary.

Anyways, that’s a LONG ways away yet.

Once that was over, I went to class #3, I fell asleep in there, bad me. So I must go to bed here soon. Once that was over I went and worked out. I did my chest and abs again on the machines and then ran for a bit. After that I did sit ups and then broke cause it was time for class number 4.

That was alright, didn’t really do much and she babbled a lot. Blah blah blah. She’s fairly interesting though, so that’s good. She needs to be for being such a late class.

Grabbed a bus after that, I missed the Express Blue, so I had to take the regular blue. Which put me home at 5:10, ten minutes after I told Andrew I’d be home. I was affraid he might be mad, but he wasn’t even online, so that was good.

I quickly grabbed something to eat, and then Andrew wanted to call me, so I told him he could. We talked for a long while, which was good and I hope that I helped out some. There’s really not much that I can tell him. I mean, I know what I WANT him to do. I want him to stay in SoCal, but if he wants to go to SFSU, then that’s fine too. Like I said, we can’t base our decisions on each other. I really have NO idea where I”m going to be in a year, and neither does he.

I think we can try, but there’s no gaurantee. Which sucks. Because I really want to be closer to him. I’ve got such a great friend, I don’t want to loose that. I’d be willing to move wherever, just to keep him as a friend.

And as I’ve said before. I have no real ideas where I ABSOLUTELY want to move too. I mean, I have ideas. But I’m open for options. I’d move to SF, or Cupertino or SD, or wherever. The other day I was even thinking maybe Palm Springs, but that’s mostly a retirement community and I don’t think there’d be much there for me to do as an MIS guy. Though I bet there’s something.

After we talked, he broke to call Courtney, and I shaved, and changed. Then we talked a little bit more online and I missed my bus YET AGAIN! I really suck at that shit.

Speaking of missing the bus. It’s really funny watching Freshman trying to figure out the bus schedule. Three of the five buses would have got them to the place they were going, but they didn’t get on ANY OF THEM! They finally figured out that they were at the “wrong” bus stop. But as I said, THREE of the FIVE busses that passed that stop would have taken them to towers. Stupids.

So I finally caught the 6:50 bus and got to campus shortly after 7. Walked around some and then went to the Alliance meeting. NO one really good there, mostly lesbians, which are amusing, but not the best. I guess there’s going to be a camping trip the end of this month, but I don’t think that I’ll go. I don’t really want to be out in the wilderness with a ton of lesbians and one big gay man (though I think there’s others going, all not so cute).

Speaking of, why don’t the cuties come to the alliance things??? Or why are they not even OUT! That’s what I REALLY want to know. Whores.

There was one cutie there, but Joel had already snatched him up. Good luck with that Joel.

Speaking of cute boys, I’ve been meaning to mention this ever since school started. I haven’t noticed any where NEAR as many cute boys on campus this semester. I don’t know if they’re all still hiding, or if they all graduated, or flunked out, or my guess is that I’m just happier with what I had, so I don’t really care anymore. But whatever the cause, they just aren’t around anymore.

I broke from the alliance meeting about 8:30, and just MISSEd the bus YET AGAIN! So I had to wait around tell 8:51 to get the next bus. Got that and made it here shortly after 9.

I’ve been typing this and watching House Hunters ever since. I really like this show because it always reminds me of how much fun I’m going to have once I have my own house!

I’ve been thinking about that lately, and it really annoys me that I can’t paint the walls in the apartment, it’s all so bland and white, and boring. And right now, more then anything I need a bit more color. So I’m going on a quest to find some good stuff to put up. I already have the pics back up and in frames, so that’s cool. Now I really need something for my bedroom.

And I think I’m going to go buy another Ken Doll. My Ken is getting sad with no one else. He needs a boyfriend. Perhaps a cute little surfer boy.

Anyways, time for bed.. Night all!

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