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Over Yet?

God, isn’t this day over YET??

Today has just been DRAGGING on and on, and it doesn’t seem to STOP! Grrr.

I got up this morning about 7 and just hung around the house for a while. I really didn’t do much, though I had a lot that I should have been doing. I guess I’ll have to do it all tonight then.

Went to the Rec about 8, and ran/walked/situps for 40 minutes and then started my work out. I did that, and I was done by 9:10, well technically class had just started at 9:00. So I did my situps one more time and then did the abdominal machine, so my abs got a really good work out today. Anyways, I broke after that.

Came into work and before I even got to my office Barb was already bitching at me about something stupid. So I had to work on that. I still haven’t got it figured out yet though. After that was done, I had to do lots of stupid shit, and spent some time talking to Andrew. Good times there.

The rest of the day I’ve just been sitting around. I’m getting to the end of Earthbound and the enimies are really starting to get tough. So I keep dying. And that means that I get frustrated. Very annoying.

So I took a break from that and read some of the old private entries that I/Andrew have written. They made me happy thinking about all the great times we had. My Favorite was the one about the Trip to IC.

I really think that I’ll start going back through all those and un-privitizing them. I mean, now that things are calmed down between everyone, I think it’s alright for people to know what was going on in my life during that two months after the breakup. How I was feeling and my reasoning for everything. Though I doubt anyone will actually go back and read them, so it’s not that big of a deal.

But they did bring back really good memories and made me very happy. (Well the ones that we’re bitching ones that is. lol) Ahh, perhaps I’ll go read some more.

Laters all.

Oh, PS. I also started looking up places to live in San Diego. Good times, there’s also some good looking jobs that are being advertised right now. I really wish that I could transfer out there now. Or something. I could use it.

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