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He’s Back!

Ok, well I?ve been meaning to write this entry for quite some time? Well ever since Andrew got back from the cruise.

Quite a bit has happened since then. Sunday night he spent the night and we had a good time catching up about what had been going on with each other the last week, etc. Also got in some making out and etc. lol. It was such a great night sleeping with him again!

We also talked about my crazy scheme, and he seemed all right with it. Hopefully I didn?t scare him too much, but I think that it would be a nice thing to do. And it would also be fun for me to get a vacation, and to see where he grew up. But it seems like that part of the trip might not happen. Which is fine, because it is just a crazy scheme right now, and it?s all up to him! I?m just trying to be a nice bf and see him off to college. Other topics were also brought up, but I don?t really remember all of them. He claims that I withhold information from him, which I don?t try to do.

After out little talk and the fun times we went to bed. It was late, but I don?t have any idea what time. Lol

Monday morning we got up and since I hadn?t cum the night before, he tried making me cum, but that still didn?t work. I?m really surprised at how fast the drugs kicked in, in regards to their side effects. Considering that the actual effects of the drugs usually don?t kick in tell a few weeks after you start taking them. It?s very annoying really the fact that I can?t cum when he tries so hard. And it feels so good for me! I?m sure that if I weren?t on the drugs I probably would have cum like 5 times in the last 4 days! Lol. And it?s definitely not because of anything that he?s doing! Oh man, let me tell you! Lol.

Anyways, his giving me a blowjob led to him getting a semi-rimmy. Perhaps this weekend he?ll get another real rimmy. Lol. Anyways, he came again! All over me this time. Very hot, :-P.

After that we got up and I made breakfast, pancakes. I got sick while making the first one; so I had to turn it off and go sit in the bathroom for a while. I don?t know what came over me. But I got really light headed and hot and just felt like I was going to through up. It was very disturbing. After that little spout was over, I went back to cooking, and made us both two pancakes. I could only eat like half of mine because I got sick again. I really don?t know what was coming over me that day.

We watched Jerry and some other shows. Then I left and went to class. I felt really bad leaving him there while I was in class, but I?m sure that he found something to do! When I got to class I opened my notebook to find a really cute note from him and it made me smile SOOO big! He?s so sweet with cute little things like that!

That had to have been the LONGEST class ever! The 2 hours usually just FLY by, but Monday?s class went soooo SLOW!

After class I of course missed the first bus, so I had to wait around for the second bus, I was like, COMON! I want to go see my Drew Bear! Finally it got here and I rode it home. Got back at like 2:30 and he was sleeping. So I walked in and he was so confused about what was going on, and got me very confused. But I guess he had a good time while I was away. After that we talked about Kevin, and then went and got movies. Both movies were very good.

He insisted on lying in back, which is fine. But I?m always so nervous about my fat hanging out with his arms around me. I guess I?m just very self-consciousness with things like that. Although I will have to say that lately I have been becoming happy with the way that I look. When I look in a mirror, I see a happier looking me. I?d still like to loose some weight, but I am starting to like the way that I look. I?m still scared though that whenever I?m shirtless around him, he?s going to one day look at me and say, ?Why am I dating this tub of lard!??

Well, after the movies it was getting late, so he made himself some supper and again I felt a little light headed. So I sat on the couch while he did that. After he ate supper we just laid around and talked some more. Such good times.

He left late that night, but I don?t remember what time. It?s so good to have him back! I am once again very happy!

Ok, finally onto Wednesday. He came up and got here about 2ish. Wearing something that was very surprising for me to see him wearing. But it was cute! (When isn?t he cute looking!) We sat on the couch talking about what we had been up to that day and how my test went and what the bad news that Court had called about Monday night was. After that we made out for like 2 and a half hours. Which was uber great, and I got another rimmy, and he got another semi-rimmy. Lol. He was wearing the CUTEST fucking underwear I?ve ever seen! Rarrrrr times a million! So hot! He came and again, I couldn?t cum. It was so embarrassing and I always feel so bad, and then I know that he feels bad, so I feel even worse. And it?s just a vicious cycle.

After that we went out to eat and he paid, thanks Drew, I owe you!

From eating back to my place where we did more lying around. This time we just talked about things. A TON of random stuff was brought up, and I told him about fucking and getting fucked and fingering and enemas and lots of other sexual things. And we also tried to plan our trip, but it was too dark to see the calendar by that time. So we just said fuck it.

He stripped and I had my shirt off. Eventually I also took off my pants, and he took off his shirt. Rarr times a million again at my sex boy! Lol.

We also talked about how most of his other relationships have involved lots of time talking on the phone and how ours hasn?t. I couldn?t really tell if he felt that as a good thing or a bad. I mean I think that we have plenty of time talking. Of course I would always like more, but well he just said that he?s always talked a lot on the phone with other bf?s and the like.

There were a lot of other things that he said that kind of scared me, but of course now I can?t really remember them.

I hope that he?s as happy with this relationship as I am. I guess he says that he is, because he claims that I?m the best bf he?s ever had. But I bet he?s used that line before :-P. I?m always so afraid.

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