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The Hardest Thing

Wow, well I guess my great record of getting an update nearly every day during May, isn’t going to continue in June, eh?

I’m currently in the Library trying to write my paper for Phil class, I got the cover page done, but I’m having problems getting it started. I just don’t know how to go about that. It’s always the hardest part of the paper. Really, it is. The second hardest part is understanding what the hell the papers that you’re writing about is talking about! I’ve read it three times now, and I’m stil very confused as to what exactly this John T Noonan is talking about. Why do philosophers always have to write so crazy like! Speak English Goddamnit!

At least I can understand Glover. That’s what really matters in the this class though.

Yeasterday day we had our one and only test. It was very interesting. I spent all night Tuesday studying for it. And I think that helped a lot. Perhaps I should do that for all my classes from now on! lol. Anyways, this class has really helped me understand what’s going on. It just goes to prove that good professors make all the difference. Now I just hope that my grade shows that too!

I mean like last semester if you would have asked me what the Social Contract Theory was. I would have asked you if that had ANYTHING to do with Phil. Now this semester I understand it enough that I can actually explain it to other people. Which I did explain it to Andrew when I was telling him about the prisoners dilema. I hope he wasn’t too bored by that, but I was feeling smart! lol.

Anyways, the test went good. There were a few things where it asked to give examples of arguments that showed different fallacies, and I coulnd’t think of any. But the essay’s were nice, because on Tuesday he had given us a list of 4, and he said that two would be on the test. Well I knew the answers to two of them, and I figured out the answer to one of the others, but I couldn’t figure out the last one. So I just went with it, and hoped that the last question wasn’t on the test. So I get there, and start flipping through the test, and I find that he gave us all FOUR of the questions, but we got to PICK which two we wanted to do! I was so excited because I could do the two that I really knew well and hopefully get the full points on those!

I got done with the test in about 40 minutes and then rode my bike home. Called Andrew and he came on up. We spent the day just hanging out at my apartment talking and not really doing much. About 5:30ish we went and got supper, and then came back to my place where we started to plan out trips for the summer, but then got distracted and ended up just hanging out and talking some more. Very good night!

He left about 10ish, and I went to bed shortly after that.

This morning I got up at 7 and went to the doctor again. Told her about some side effects that I was having and we made the decision to just take me off drugs and hope that it goes away on it’s own. But the time at the doc was funny because they were having a disaster drill. Apparently the drill included hazmat suits and locking the place down. It was very confusing and funny at the same time, cause the person that scheduled my next appointment was like, “In a real emergency we would have just told you to call back later!” lol. So funny.

Anyways, the rest of the plan for the day is to work on my paper, then go to work and do some work, then maybe go out with Andrew, and Dustin tonight in DM. I dunno yet if I’ll go though. I might be too tired by then, and I might still have a paper to write the way that I keep putting it off! lol.

Anyways, laters!

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