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Welcome Back, Kotter!

The last couple days have been great!

Andrew got back about 4:30ish. I picked him up for the airport and we drove him back to his house. Talked with Sue some, and then we watched the video from the cruise… So amusing! lol.

After that we drove back to Ames and hung out up here for the night. I don’t remember exactly what we did, but just pretty much caught up on what was going on. Heard all the stories from the cruise and the like.

Went to bed late, but I slept well. We got up about 8:30ish and made breakfast. After that we just hung out and watched the Jerry Springer show… What a mess! After that was over I headed out to class and left Andrew at my apartment.

Class was good, although it was mostly a waste of time. We have a test tomorrow, so I’m going to be studying for that most of the night tonight. I’m not sure how hard it’ll be. Hopefully not too bad!

After class back to my place, we rented movies. Dogma and Chicken Run. Both really good. After the movies, made supper and then laid around having a good time.

Andrew left about 10ish, it was sad to see him go, but he’ll be back Wed, YAY! I’m very glad that he’s back now!

Today’s been more class and then work. I got a ton of graphical stuff done, and I’m almost happy with the way it looks, just have to decide on a color scheme, and then the positioning of a few items then it’s all done! YAY!

Sorry for the short update, but I want to go home now. Laters!

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