My Life

As The Plane Touches Down

Ok, well here it is, June 1st, and I’m out waiting for Andrew’s flight to get in. Should be landing here in about 30 minutes or so. I’m very excited to get to see him again! Woot!

So yesterday was fun. I went over to beak’s about noon and we hung out with leper boy. He bought us lunch which was WAY nice of him. Thanks Leper boy! We all just hung out and talked about random stuff. So crazy. And how my family is covering up some deep dark secret or something like that.

After that we went to see Bruce Almighty. Which would have been a good movie if Jim Carry hadn’t fucked it up! Oh well, I can get over that. Although I do remmeber why I hate him so much! Grrr at Carry. I don’t think I’m even spelling his name right!

After the movie we went out to eat supper. Beak paid for me, so nice of her. Thanks BEAK! After supper back toher house. I left shortly after that, and went home to watch Bewitched. Such a great show. I was up until 4 this morning watching it! Weeee.

Well, I was mostly up because I couldn’t sleep, and that was the only thing interesting on, and it amused me… Which is something that I needed. Went to bed, and have done NOTHING today!

Oh, and the meds have kicked in. I tried jacking it this morning for like 40 minutes, and couldn’t get anywhere. Fuckers. Oh well, like I said. Doesn’t really matter, I ain’t getting any!

Well I had more to say, but now I can’t think of any of it. So I’m going to put this away now and go watch airplanes land!


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