Instead of eating and customizing my comp (things i SHOULD be doing) heres an update just for YOU.

So I totally missed Chris a ton on the trip, I even cried a few nights 🙁

But Sunday finally came and even though the plane rides took forever, I finally got off. Chris was there (I assumed he would be, then I insinuated that I wanted him to be) and it was soooooo great to see him again! We hugged and kissed in front of everyone and he met Danielle and Jessie and Danielle Passed him.

So we left and hung out and we did random shit at my house, I showed him the movie and gave him his souvneir from Jamaica. Which I doubt he will ever actually wear but eh, I thought it was a cute shirt. Mother said I could stay at his apt. that night, so we trekked up there,and the drive sucked b/c I was uber tired.

Well we got there and I read all his updates and they were reallytouching and then we just talked about our weeks and randomness. Talked a bit about how he is on meds and it worries me, but he assured me there is nothing to worry about. Though I guess he has already stopped taking them, which makes me happy, cause now he can orgasm! Teehee just kidding, I’d rather him not be able to orgasm than be depressed.

We also talked about the potentiality of him coming to NJ/LA when I leave for school. It was really nice of him to put thought into it.

Quick note on him putting thought into things. He has the weather for Orange up on his computer, and he bought OJ, and it was Tropicana and he was like “Isn’t that the kind you like?” It was just really sweet of him to do things like that. Ok maybe I’m just stupid.

Anyways, so I haven’t brought the idea up to mother yet, and I’m not quite sure how she will take it. But hopefully things pan out, it would be really nice to have him to support me when I go out there, so I don’t feel so alone and scared.

He also called me sunburndized or something like that, it was cute.

So I skipped work the next day and we just hung out all day, except for a several hour span where he went to class. I snooped a bit (not much) and then watched TV, got ready, and read some of Kevin. I fell asleep on the couch and was very confused when he came in and woke me up. For some reason I thought I was in my own apt. and I was like how the hell did you get in? Very crazy.

Got some movies (Dogma and Chicken Run) Both amusing, though I’ll have to say Chris found Chicken Run more amusing than I did. Still funny though, he’s so cute!

Really really hard to leave that night, after being away from him for so long I just didn’t want to go. Eventually forced myself away and drove home.
Tuesday I didn’t even get to talk to him, though he called me like a second and a half after I turned my phone off!

Wednesday I went up there and we had another great day. The majority of it was spent making out/fooling around. He showered and was very nicely repaid for it in the form of rimmy/fingering goodness. My opinion is that he enjoyed it even though he didn’t get to cum, but he seemed ok with that. I had another crazy shooting orgasm.

I was starving from all the messing around, so we got dinner at Hickory Park b/c I was totally craving a Patty Melt and it was soooooo good!
Went back to his house, layed around in bed, apparently I said some things that scared him but I don’t know what they were and neither does he.
He indicates that he doesn’t believe me when I say that he’s the best b/f I’ve ever had. I don’t quite know what else I can do to prove it to him, I guess if he doesn’t want to believe me, then he won’t. But it’s the truth.

Hard again to leave, even harder for CHris b/c he couldn’t stop fondling my ass. I’m glad that he enjoyed my new underwear so much, I pretty much bought it to tease/seduce him and I think it works pretty well.

Anyways, not much else… I am veryglad to be home and very happy to be seeing my Topher again! It was totally hard to be without him but now we are back together and have 3 more weeks before I have to go away again! But this time, I’ll have access to a phone, so it’ll be tons better!

That’s about it for now


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