My Baby Christopher

So this has been a pretty eventful I suppose.

Ok let’s see, Friday we met up downtown and hung out with Dustin and crew for like 2 and a half seconds until theyditched us and did other stuff. So we walked around, and then sat down by the Amphitheater thingy and just talked and shit. After that we decided to go back to Chris’s b/c there was better than sex cake and we ate it for dinner and then made some mac and cheese and that was yummy as well.

THen we just layed around in his bed until it was time to go. I was uber tired and so I was just talking about really random shit, who even knows what half of it was. I do remember the important stuff though. The important things being that I told Chris I think I’m in love with him. He told me the same back, and we talked about how special we are to each other and cute things like that. I don’t really know how to elaborate on that much further. I really think I’m in love with him… it makes me happy… and scared of course b/c love is always scary.

Anyways, after that there was talk of me going to school and then Chris was crying. I didn’t think I would cry, but then I felt one of his teardrops hit my face, and I started up. So there are the two of us, just crying and hugging. And eventually we had to get up and leave and that night I really didn’t want to leave him. I didn’t feel that I could.

But I had to, and it was sad. Friday night was a lonely night sleeping by myself.

Saturday, I worked and then him and Court came over so we could go to the game. He was annoyed b/c Court (and me I suppose) made him drive, even though she was the one who had invited us to the game to begin with. But whatever. So we went tot he game and that was kinda fun, we won so that was good, and I think Katie was pretty happy that we showed up. After that we took Court back to the car and looked at computer stuff, where he again got annoyed b/c my mom was such a bitch to him. I’m pretty annoyed at her for saying what she did, but whatever, she is dumb.

So then we went out and ran a bunch of errands that we had to do, and that was fun, then Jenny called and wanted to go to dinner with Ginny and us. So we changed plans, and went to Jenny’s and then we all went to dinner, with the addition of Brian Niblo. Crazyness

So dinner was fun I guess, nothing really happened though Chris paid and that was nice!

Then we went to Chris’ house again, and it was really nice. We spent some time in the hot tub, talking, making out, doing what we do best. Tons of fun. Though it was raining and that wasn’t really fun.

Oh I forgot to include this, while we were waiting for it to be time to go to Jenny’s we were in this empty parking lot across the street making out in the backseat. TONS OF FUN! SOoooo scandalous. And I put on my new string bikini underwear, which I think Chris thoroughly enjoyed. At least I hope so!!!!!!

Unfortunately this is where the story ends. It is already too late and I need to be in bed if I am going to be up tomorrow to work out and then spend my day slaving away at WF.

So the deal is that I better have an update about the WHOLE weekend when I get home, and then I will finish this one up tomorrow.

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