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Andrew’s Gone

So Andrew’s gone on a Cruise, by now they should be well on thier way to the first stop.

Friday was such a long day, work was totally annoying, but I finally was off at 5, and I met up with Andrew at VWM at 5:30. We shopped for a while, and then spent the rest of the night doing random things. I don’t remember what all we did though. It was however a very long night.

Saturday I was up early and out the door by 9:30. I went to Hy-Vee 74th to get some things, then to Vista to drop them off. After that it was off to Beak’s to hang out and “fix” her computer. When I got there, she said there wasn’t really anything wrong with it now. But I still played around with it some and fixed a few random things. We chatted about things, and her mom showed up, and we unloaded more of Beak’s shit. lol. I always get stuck doing that!

Andrew called about 12:30 and I went over there. Hung out while he packed for the cruise. I helped him pick out ties. I also played FF10. Which is UBER fun!

From there it was off to random grad parties. I never thought that _I_ would run into someone I HATE at a Waukee Grad party, but I did. How random is that! Well, actually I never thought that I’d be going to Waukee grad parties. I thought once I was done with my own damn school’s I would be done done with all of them! lol.

AFter that we went to Andrew’s office to meet some woman, I forget her name now, but she was way amusing. lol. Then off to Biaggi’s. Which has REALLY REALLY good food. And it’s amazingly not that expensive. Although, Andrew wouldn’t let me see the bill! lol.

While there we talked about heritage, and how my family doesn’t really have one that they talk of. We know that my mom’s side is mostly German (My Grandma is English/French/Irish) but we have no idea what my dad’s side is. And we don’t make traditional German foods. I mean my Dad’s side has all these “secret” family recipies, but they aren’t from our traditional family history. I hope that all makes sense. Anyways, the point is that I feel like my family should have traditional foods, like Andrew’s family has Italian foods.

After that it was back to my place where we exchanged gifts. He got me Kevin, a pair of scissors, and The Awakening. I got him Oswald….

So that he could take him with him on the trip and remember me!

Anyways, after that we just laid in my bed talking. I started to cry because he was leaving for a week. I told him I’d probably cry when he moved away to Cali, but I never thought I would cry so soon. Especially since he’s just going to be gone for a week!

I felt really stupid though for crying. Whatever. Mostly because there’s only two things that I can think of that make me cry infront of other people. One being having to talk about Boy Scouts, the other is a death of a friend/relative/etc.

About 8:30 we left here and were going to drop him off at Court’s at 9, but his mother called and wanted to say goodbye, so we went there and did that. Got him to Court’s by about 9:15ish. We were all talking in the house and I fianlly just had to leave, other wise I would have started crying right there again and I would have felt UBER stupid!

So Andrew and I went outside, and hugged good bye, and I did start crying. It was so sad. And AGAIN I felt stupid for doing as such, but I’m going to miss him while he’s gone!

I left there by about 9:45 and was home shortly after 10… From the time I got home untell about 3 this morning I spent cleaning my room and going though stuff that I had packed way back in ’99 and ’00. I got rid of 2 BIG boxes worth of stuff and now have everything I want to keep in just two other boxes.

Today has consisted of…
1) Kevin
2) Good Eats
3) Sitting around and feeling stupid
4) Peeling wallpaper

Tomorrow will consist of lots of family, just what I don’t need!

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