Blah Blah Titles Are Stupid

1:01PM – blah blah titles are stupid

SO this weekend was soooooooo great!

Friday night we walked around, and held hands, and scared breeders on the bridge. We yelled at everyone who stared out their window. And by yell, I Mean we did this crazydance thing and flipped them off lol. And Chris looked uber yummy! *slurp!*

It really says a lot to me that he isn’t afraid to hold hands in public, even though no one else likes it lol, it’s still cute!

Saturday was good, we didn’t really do a whole lot, layed around, he held me during the wall.

Now Sat night… ooh got a little crazy there, lol. After we got home from Dinner, we were just sitting around and making out cause… well just cause!

So we moved to his room upstairs b/c I hate the stupid couch downstairs, it was all slanty-like. Anyways, it was so heavenly that night, I don’t know why. Everyhing just felt SOOOO good. He took off all my clothes and literally licked me from head to toe. I was dying…. lol. We made out for a long time and then he headed down to Enfuego. ANd here’s where it gets crazy!!! He was giving me head and suddenly I was like “I AM GONNA HAVE AN ORGASM!!!!” Well I didn’t quite scream it like that but I did let him know, and then outta nowhere, I start shooting in his mouth. I couldn’t believe it!!! I was in shock the entire next day or two. I have NEVER EVER hardly even come close to cumming when I’ve been getting a BJ before. And Chris made me cum in seriously 2-3 minutes. That really says something. I know it sounds dirty and stuff, but it really means something that I can orgasm with him. At least in my mind!

Sunday was tons of fun as well. Holding hands in the Art Center, discussing what we liked and didn’t like, just looking at the art, talking about our futures what we want to do, how we both want to travel. Some of the art was so confusing, and it was really fun and interesting and intelletually stimulating to talk about it with Chris. To steal a line from Alannis, sometimes I do need “intellectual intercourse” and Chris gives it to me, which is just great. Hopefully we didn’t scare too many people lol.

Back to my house for randomnes, then we were cute the whole time at the drag show. Holding hands, singing, dancing etc… we are sooooo cute! Everyone should be jealous of what we have.

BS was fun, we talked about HS PE. So stupid (PE, not the talk) then we split. I didn’t want him to leave and I guess we stayed in my car and talked for a good 25 ish minutes or so before I’d let him leave. Then about 5 more at his car saying goodbye. We finally broke b/c it was cold. Geez, when it’s warm I don’t know how I’ll ever break away!

Speaking of warm, the house is freezing, but anyways.

A great weekend, my Topher is soooooo beautiful! And now that I get “more leeway” according to Mother, I should be able to spend more nights w/ him which I just love! He’s so warm, I love the feeling of his arms around me.
Well, he can read this now, and I BETTER have a private update for when I geth ome from work!

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