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Waiting On Hold…

So here I am at work waiting on hold, so I thought that I’d put in a quick update about the weekend while I have some time…

This has been an UBER UBER fun weekend and my abs hurt because of it.

Friday I worked all day and then went to B&N to wait up for Andrew. I read more of Kevin’s book… SOO good. Even if you’re not into computers, I still suggest you read it. Very eye opening about how much information you can get with so little time.

Anyways, met up with Andrew about 8ish, from there we went to Panera and had supper. It was really good, I do believe that I shall be going back there more often now. We sat there and talked for like an hour or so, and then went off to Downtown. Normal JJ’s stuff, talked to Josh, who didn’t know who I was. Talked about camping and Bortell’s. Very interesting.

Since we were both looking UBER fucking hot we decied to go and walk around, so we went to Nolan Plaza and hung out there, then just went and walked around some more. It was good times. Eventually had to go home, so we were walking past JJ’s and happened to see Adam, Scott, and crew. One on level it was good to _see_ Adam again, but it was still wierd seeing him around. Scott gave dirty looks, I smiled polietly and waved and we kept on walking.

Saturday I got up early and went and got my hair cut, then to Hy-VEe where it was BAD fucking busy. And I’d still like to know who’s bright ass idea it was to put the Mother’s day cards and the grad cards in the SAME FUCKING aisle. Grrr. I was not happy about that. Anyways, spent FAR to much money and got mother some cute flowers. Thought about getting a second one for something else, but decided against it. I wanted to put the last $50 of the money I had into Savings.

Needless to say that by the time Saturday was over, the $50 was down to $30, and I was going to keep that to get grad gifts, now that $30 is down to $3, and it’s going to a card. I guess people will be getting home made gifts for graduation this year. And next month no money over the $400 previously allocated will be spent.

Anyways, after that I went home. Andrew called about 12:30 and said that he was going to shower eat and would be over about 1:30. And he was. We watched “The Wall” very good movie. After it was over we just hung out for a while. Then I mentioned that I wanted to go to the Art Center in DM. It was like 4:30. We drove there and it was definitally closed. Fuckers.

Then this crazy guy tried to kill us, and he had the mini-van in on the plot. So scary. I was whiping my car around like a crazy and yeah, it was scary!

Anyways, since we didn’t have anything to do we called Beak, but she didn’t answer. So we drove downtown. There was a wedding going on, so we hung around that for a while, scaring the breeders. Then off to the library and just walking around. On the way back to the car, I had my arm around Andrew and we were walking and talking and these crazy black girls started up with thier ghetto shit. It was so wierd, then they came over and talked to us. We couldn’t tell if they liked us or hated us. Very odd really.

After that we called Beak like 2 more times and she STILL didn’t answer, so we headed over that way since it was like 6ish. Got to her place about 6:15 and sat out front and called her AGAIN, her car was there, but still no answer. Slut! So then off to the Dollar General where Andrew bought cards and the like. Called Beak yet AGAIN! And she finally answered. It was so funny too cause I was all ghetto and shit. Went over there picked them up and then off to Cheddars.

That was SOOO mcuh fucking fun! Slaming glass, pouring waitress, food, the lumberyard. All too much to remember. We were all laughing so hard. I’m sure that everyone there hated us by the time we left, which btw was 2.5 hours after we arrived. And we left an $18 tip. Crazyness.

Back to Beak’s where we hung out for just a bit and then Andrew and I went off to my house where we watched TV and hung out some more. So much fun!

Sunday was also a really good day! (Oh, this weekend felt like a MONTHS worth of good days!) I got up and went downstairs and was like “Happy Mothers day” blah blah blah. Then she was there for like 10 minutes and then they both (being the pu’s) got up and were like “We’re going to Menards, back in a few hours.” I was like, WTF, I planned on spending most of the day with you. Grrr. Anyways, I called Andrew up and we went off to the Art Center, because they were in fact open this time.

That was so much fun too. And the crazy old guy talked to us, and I just LOVE the art center because it brings out the architect in me. I just LOVE the new addition (Well it’s not really new, just the newer part of the building), I would totaly love to have that as my house!

From there it was back to Andrew’s house where his mom made us help move furniture, so odd. Then to the drag show, where slick performed. VETO! Overall though it was a good show. Then to JJ’s, then to BS (Where we were only going to get pie, but ended up eating food, and thus the last of my money) then back to Andrew’s where we departed ways. I got home about 10:30 last night, so tired! ::yawns::

Check back later for some picture highlights of the weekend. I only hope that the rest of the summer is as fun as this weekend was!

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I’m so sad to have missed he drag show. I didn’t get your message until after 8pm. (whine, whine) Sign me up for next time.

The best part of Saturday at Cheddars was that neither Andrew nor Beak knew why we were laughing so hard at the whole Lumberyard comment. “Oh, my Mom works at the lumberyard…”


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