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A/S/L?? <~~ There's a link there... Go read VERY FUNNY! So as of 9:40 this morning, I’m officially done with classes. How sweet is that!! Although I do have a review class from 11-12:15 tomorrow. I think I’ll go to that, but since it’s not required, hell. I’m officialy done with classes! Woot! My PHIL prof made the final optional, I think I’ll take it though so that I can hopefully bring my grade up! So this weekend is already really busy. Saturday I’m planting all day, and then Sunday Andrew and I are going to to go help Beak move the rest of her stuff from Perry. Good times. Hopefully there will be free food involved?? Anyways, I had a really GREAT day today, I only worked for 2 hours, and then came home and hung out with friends. We went to Hickory Park for supper, and I blarged out. I feel so fat now! Blarg Blarg! “Once again, girl on girl action, and it’s totally lost on me!” Night!

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