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SO this weekend was VERY VERY good, as it usually is.
Saturday we hung out here and workedo n my car, which was fun. I get better gas mileage now! Thanks Topher! See, I really enjoy having him around, b/c he has this vast array of common knowledge that just helps out in so many situations. It’s great that he konws so much shit that I SHOULD know, but of course don’t.
Then we went to VWM, then to B&N, where we met Liz. I think Chris liked her so that’s good! And I’m pretty sure she liked him back. Yay greatness!
Then we went out to the Sports store lol that was so random.
We went to Grays Lake, and that was soooo nice. Sitting there, and he had his arms around me, and I don’t really think the breeders enjoyed us too much. It does kinda ruin the mood when some white trash HOES yell the F word. But whatever I still had a great time with MY Topher, sitting on the dock thingy and taking random pics of my feet and hands with the digital cam.
Good times.
Went to Beckys and taht was fun. I was introduced as “Chris’ boyfriend” which just made me feel really good. Like it was like “YAY I really AM Chris’ boyfriend!!” It still sounds weird to say it.. I dunno, I guess I Just thought it would never happen and now that it has… YAY!
We ate cake there, yum yum. I think we worked it off later though *Wink*
THen we went to Perkins, dinner was on me, and this heinous woman like FORCED me to buy some easter egg thing for some dead kids and I def didn’t want to, then she tried to get me to buy one for Chris, but I said no. And unfortunately it was acutally a pretty good coupon. I should’ve just stole the whole damn basket.
Then we went to my house I think, where I asked mother if I could stay the night and she threw a fit, then said yes, then acted like nothing happened. She’s REALLY been pissing me off lately.
Anywyas, we went to Steph’s bonfire, which was really cool. Kristin told me today how much she likes Chris! “I really don’t know why, I just like him a lot!” So that was good.
Then off to PC to get Chris’ stuff, then off to Ames to spend the night. I was sooooooo tired, since I had worked early that morning.
We got to Ames and decided to put the movie off till the next day and went to bed. Well, of course, that resulted in a bit of fooling around, we both came, and I gave Chris a little head. Hehe. As is my recollection, we were talking or something during it… I believe my quote was “I have never had this long of a convo while I”m trying to give head” or something to that effect. I dunno… Other classic quote: “It’s like a new toy, you have to figure out how it works” ohhhhh k lol.
We went to bed at 2:11 ish. Woke up at 8:28 ish…. WAAAY tired. So my back hurt again that little idiosyncrasy of mine is FUCKING ANNOYING. It totally needs to stop. Anyways, we made out some more lol and did some other stuff and I came again. I wanted to have Chris cum, so that he didn’t feel left out, plus it’s just common courtesy for both people to cum, but he didn’t want to, and I didn’t want to be an annoying bitch and push the matter, so I didn’t. I did lay on him though and let all the cum from my body mesh into his. LOL. I”m not sure how happy he was about that one.
Then we just spent the day up in Ames, it was really nice. We just sat around did lots of random shit, I didn’t even get ready until like 6 in the afternoon. My hair was all fucked and Chris said it was cute, but I don’t really think it was. Yeah so we watched Save the Last Dance and other random TV shows, and laid in bed some more, which is SOOOO nice. I love to lay with him and we always have the weirdest convos and just hold each other and its so fun.
Oh and I can’t believe I forgot to mention!
On Friday I was just sitting quietly at my desk contemplating life, when Brent randomly came up to me with flowers and was like “these are for you” I was totally floored. My face must’ve turned totally red and I had this big goofy grin on my face for the rest of the night. They were from Chris of course, with a note that said “Drew Bear: Let’s drop the almost. Topher” It was soooo totally cute, and I was definitely the envy of the office. Everyone was like “I wish someone would do that for me” etc…
SO yeah, that was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done! And it was even sweeter when I found out that Chris was all nervous about it and even called to make sure they were delivered. Hehe, he is SOOOO cute!
Anyways so we are official now, as of April 25… it really isn’t much different from before, but I like being official. I have someone to care about me! Yay!
Anyways, drama w/ Adam/Scott/LJ almost ruined the weekend.. But I’m over that now and feeling fine!
So yeah… time to send this on to Chris!
*kisses and bear hugs from the DB*
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