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No More Drama!

Ok, so this weekend was in fact TONS of greatness. Saturday like I said, we went out to Grays lake, where we sat down on the dock thing. I was amazed at some of the Parents that were there. First off, when we got there, there were these two women sitting there talking, so we went to the opposite side of the thing and sat down and talked. Before I knew it they were gone. Eh, whatever. So we sat there by ourselves for a while, just being our cute selves. Lots of people walked by, no one said anything, or did anything that we could see. EVentually two more women came down and sat there for a long time. Drew Bear and I talked about what we thought people did when they were with their children and saw us, or even when it was just them and they saw us. Did they turn and go the other way, did they say something under thier breath, etc. After about an hour of being there, we heard our first derogatory remarks. Made by some stupid white trash kids as they rode their bikes by. And they also waited tell they were FAR out of our reach to yell at us. Shortly after that happened the other two women got up and left. I was amazed that it took so long for something to happen….

But after that something else happened that made up for the deragatory terms. A father and his small girl were rollerblading around, and I would assume that the girl asked to come down to where we were and play in the lake. And he let her! I know this might SEEM like a small thing, but in my eyes that’s a very big step, and it shows that he’s probably a pretty good father. When I saw them coming down I figured that he’d probably at least take her so that she’s as far away from the “homo’s” as possilbe, and also probably have her face away from us. But he actually led her out closer to us, and he also had her facing us! I dunno, this just seems really cool to me!

Blah blah blah, At Perkins we hung around and talked for a while, and had a really good convo. We talked about some really random things and made fun of the gay boi that had brought his prom date to Perkins for dinner. hehe. After that to the girls, where we were cute again! We’re soooo cute! I guess everyone has to have one ugly before a cutie, eh?!?! After that to Ames. When we got there, I was SOOO tired that I just wanted to colapse. But somehow I/we managed up the strength (But then again, who couldn’t when you’ve got such a cutie) to kiss him, which led to other things, which led to me jacking him off again, and him cumming. But this time in my HAIR! Bastard. lol. Then I jacked myself off, and I came as well. Good times. We cleaned up and then went to bed.

Sunday we got up and I showered and got dressed, but Drew just showered and then walked around all day in his gap pants, and no shirt. Ohhh, I can’t get over how hot he is! Rarrr at my Drew Bear. I know that I go on and on about how hot he is, but I’m really not that shallow. He’s also very hot mentally. And it makes me so happy that he’s such a smart boi, and that he’s so financially stable/secure. Something I definitally need. I don’t want anymore of that shit that Adam put me through with his financial stupidness. Anyways, back to Drew. He’s so menatlly stimulating, and I hope that I am for him as well, and that I’m not just a hot body (S, since I’m not a hot body), lol.

It was sad when he finally put his shirt on and we had to leave. So sad. Then we got to his house and it was very wierd dropping him off there and kissing him right infront of his house. But I’m sure I can get over that! lol.

Oh, he came a second time in there somewhere, he did that himself. I didn’t cum again, because I didn’t want to. I was happier just holding him, and kissing him, and showing that I cared for him. And I hope that he felt the same.

I want to write about how many problems Adam’s been causeing, but I don’t want to fuck up a good, happy entry. So that’ll be later.

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