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—- New Conversation @ Mon Apr 28 15:29:47 2003 —-

(15:29:47) AcerSai: INstead of leaving a comment on your journal and leaving it in a public area, I chose to call/IM you instead, personally. I’m not trying to make this any harder on you guys than need be, but in the same breath it’s not easy for me either. That’s why I chose to just turn and walk away. If I had known my LJ update would offend you guys I would have made it more clear that it wasn’t directed at you, which it truly was not. Now I’d like to see us come to a point where there is no blind hatred between us. While a friendship is more or less out of the question, hatred isn’t the only other alternative. I don’t want to talk shit about you to other people and the same visa versa. The yuckiness needs to end. If you want to talk one on one about everything, and get it all off our chests so we can both move on with our lives more easily I would be all for that. If not, I won’t be upset. I’m fine with just going out seperate ways. You know how to find me, and you can IM me back. I don’t plan to bite your head off and be an asshold to either of you provided you agree to give me the same respect. From here on out.
(15:32:10) AcerSai: But I do ask that if we work things out, or contact eachother in any way, we do it in a private way. I think we’re all guilty of bringin in third parties. Which is the main reason things are as bad as they are. This is not something for the online journals. This is between us. I plan to keep it that way from now on. I’d ask you to do the same.

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