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So my life has been boring the last two days. I haven’t done jack shit. Well, alright, I did do alot, but nothing of importance.

My first final is over with. I think I did pretty good, the grades will be posted on May 9th, I don’t know why he’s waiting that long because he’ll have them by Monday evening. Perhaps it’s just because he’s a dumb ass. Speaking of, on Wed he wore black pants, a blue shirt (That looked like he had just taken it out of a hamper) and brown shoes, GASP! Today he wore a white shirt (Wrinkled again) and black pants (The same ones from Wed it appeared) and agian BROWN shoes. Now I know that I’m no fashion queen, but still. That’s HORRILBE!

So again, not much going on, I’m at work now and there’s stuff to do, but I’m kinda stuck on something right now, so I’m taking a break. Plus I have a HORRIBLE headache.

I figured up that I should be getting about $100 back on my books this semster. That is if they take them back. I’m going in on Monday to return them all because I know for a fact that my POM book is only going to be used for the summer and then a new one for fall, so hopefully I’ll get it sold back before they stop taking them. I was hoping to use all that money on clothes, but I still owe some on my camera. I haven’t yet decided if I shall spend that money where.

Speaking of money, Wed when Andrew was up, I got a call from someone, but I let the vioce mail take it cause I didn’t want to answer my phone. I check it out yesterday morning and it was someone from UP (Union Pacific RR) offering me an internship in Omaha. I turned it down, mostly because I want to spend the summer here with people, and the fact that I really need to take classes!

I’m really excited for this semester to be over, then it’s only one more YEAR until I’m fucking done, I can’t wait! Although, it’s also starting to scare me. At least when I got out of HS, I knew that I was going to college, and that I’d have money,etc. Now I’m just really scared because I’m actually going to the REAL world. ::whines::

Oh well, I’m sure things will work out somehow. Now since the grammer in this entry is far less then normal, I’m going to stop now and just leave you with some pics of our trip to Grays Lake last weekend…

Andrew’s Hand.

Andrew’s Foot.


2 replies on “Job Offfer”

That pic of me? Definitely not the good one!
I look stupid like AHH!!
Anyways, nice update, and the grammar wasn’t TOO bad!
Andy McGee

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