We Went To The Moon In 1969

1:12PM – We went to the moon in 1969…..

Yet another WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL Wednesdy with my one and only (almost) Topher!

So he took off work so taht I could spend the day with him, which I thought was totally sweet of him. I actually kinda feel bad, like I’m costing him 70 or so bucks everytime we hang out! But I suppose if he really wanted to go to work, he would.

So since he was so sweet, I thought it would be nice to buy him flowers. I didn’t get roses… they are a bit cliche, plus I thought I’d wait for something more special before I buy him those. So I just got these white flowers, I dunno, I thought they were pretty. Drove to Ames, speeding lol so that I could get there because I wanted to see MAT (my new name…. meaning My Almost Topher.) hehe I thought it was funny.

Anyways, I get there and give him the flowers and he seemed pleasently surprised by them, which is good. THough I guess me giving them ruined some surprise he was planning for me, so now I feel really bad. I hope he follows through on it anyways, because I don’t want to actually have ruined something, plus I like Surprises!!!

So we talked and put them in a vase, sat on his bed and talked about our day, and made a CD for me.
Talk about a fun CD! The CD has Marilyn Manson, Ace of Base, 50 Cent, Sonny and Cher, Erykah Badu, Justin Timberlake, The song from the Disney Channel…. such a varied mix. I really like it though. Fun times.

So we did that, and Chris got a few kisses for it.

At one point we had a discussion about patrons lol. We talk about the oddest things sometimes.

pa·tron·ize ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ptr-nz, ptr-)
tr.v. pa·tron·ized, pa·tron·iz·ing, pa·tron·iz·es
To act as a patron to; support or sponsor.
To go to as a customer, especially on a regular basis.
To treat in a condescending manner.

Just for you Chris! Now you kow what it means 🙂

So the we decided to go to Reiman Gardens which was TONS of fun!!! We walked around inside for alittle bit and looked at all the pretty butterflies and I told Chris about the butterfly with the 12 foot wingspan. I’m not sure that’s true, but it’s some giant ass bug. lol. We walked outside and it was so totally cute b/c we were walking with our arms around each other and we’d hold hands too.
It really said a lot to me that Chris isn’t afraid to show that type of display in public. It was totally sweet. We stopped and kissed under this thing, which would’ve been a lot more romantic had it not been right on the highway. “Beautful Reiman Gardens, surrounded on both sides by highway…” So yeh then we walked other places, stillholding hands and creeping out these stupid breeders who were raking the “lake.” We stopped under a covered bridge, and I tried to teach Chris the dance move that Court and I always do. I’m not sure he got it… but it was cute.

Then we walked more and sat on a bench and held hands and kissed and made fun of the breeders and just talked. So nice.

We left b/c I was cold, but I felt bad for wanting to leave. But I was cold!

Then we went to the mall, non exciting really.

Then we went out to eat at Village Inn, and I was a total blargmonster with 3 plates out! Woo! But it was soooooo good and Topher man is such a sweetie for paying!!! I’ll make sure to give him a little something extra *wink* hehe.

We sat there and talked for awhile about gifts from Exes and whatnot. Lots of random shit. We left and poor waitress girl didn’t get a tip. Eh. oh well *shrug*

After Village Inn, we went to Best Buy, where I was gonna buy the CD Skip Fixer thingy, but didn’t b/c it was 30. I figured I’d just get it offline somewhere. So then we went to Target to see ift hey had thatand FFOrigins for cheaper. Well, Target didn’t have it at all, so we went BACK to Best Buy, and I felt dumb when we saw the guy who greeted us the first time. I bought FFOrigins, yay so now I have 2 MORE FF’s to play, in addition to 7, 8 and Xenogears and whatever else I wanna play.
I also stopped and molested Xenosaga Episode 1 again lol.

After that, it was back to the Toph’s apartment to just do random shit. I told him to put on Enya, b/c I enjoy that as background music. So he did, and we layed there kissing and cuddling and being cute. He’s riht, thy SHOULD make a movie about us… perhaps I’ll write a script and we’ll see what can happen.

Oh I did tell him that I Couldn’t hang out Friday b/c of things with Courtney, and I Felt really bad. But I really think yesterday was worth it. I had such a wonderfully amazing day with him. He seemed ok with it, so I’m sure things are fine. I’m sure we’ll be together most of Saturday and Sunday so it won’t be a big deal. *sigh* Though how I’d LOVE to spend the night with him again….
Anyways, eventually I had to leave, and hewas holding me, and I Just wanted to roll over and go to sleep with his strong arms around me. I was about ready to be like fuck it all, I’m staying!! But I Couldn’t and of course eventually I had to leave.

We stood kissing for a looong time…. It’s just really hard to let go. And these crazy breeders were making lots of noise, I was like hey dumbass breeders shut it! Oh why are they so stupid? lol.
Oh we also went to Chris’ MIS meeting, which was cool I guess. I didn’t really get it at all, so I just looked around. I think I’ve decided that I reallywant to go to a big university. Hmmm such a tough choice.. I mean TECHNICALLY I could still go to Iowa. But I don’t know.

Anyways, thats beside the point.

So I really like Chris eh? I can’t wait till Sat. when I get to see him! And of course I’ll be thinking of him in the meantime… how can I not? I’ve got pics all over of him at work at home, everywhere!

I really hope he liked the flowers. My intent was that everytime he sees them, he will remember that there is one little gay boy in Waukee who is thinking about him. Perhaps I need to pick up something a bit more substantial (and somehing that won’t die so quickly) so taht he can remember me always! Not that he won’t anyways I mean HELLO. lol

Oh, we also figured out that between Chris’ ass and my ego, there isn’t enough room on the bed for anything else.


Oh Topher. Hope you smiled as you read this! Because you are beautiful when you smile…. well, you are beautiful always.

Have a great day!


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