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Welcome to the newest version of I hope that everything is working right for you. If not, PLEASE contact me! Hopefully the rss feeds will work for most people yet, I included those in my htaccess for redirection. Sorry to Julian, the only person I KNOW uses those. Other then that the only thing that I KNOW is broken is the calender at the bottom of the page, it doesn’t seem to work right when you aren’t veiwing the main page. Something stupid I’m sure.

This is not the FINAL stuff, it’s just the basic code backend that I’ve been talking about. Hopefully once finals are over I’ll have some more time to get the graphics working, also the new layout coded. I do however think this will be the color scheme and the basicness of it (IE, the neat titles, etc. Things just might move.

Other then this, not much going on lately in my life. Had an MIS presentation today, that was fun times. We all looked HOT hot HOT! And apparently he was really impressed too! Steven wore a REALLY cool yellow shirt, and I want it now. Grr.

Now I’m at work and Nazanin just finished “cleaning” my office. I hate when she does that.

Anyways, I’m out. Laters!

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