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320 TREES??

So this weekend has been SOOO great. I’m sure that the neighbors will agree!

Friday was pretty good. Started out very early because I had to get up and get dressed up for an MIS project, also had an early morning meeting. So I did that, got to MIS and all the hot bois in my group were all dressed up in hot boi outfits (IE, Suits!). Rarr, so hot I wanted to eat them there! lol. We gave our presentation, got a 14.5 out of 15 on it. I’ll find out Monday what we missed the .5 points on. Crazyness. After that was over went off to MKT, which was UBER boring. She showed a video and like half the class got up and left. So funny!

(I can’t type right now!!) lol. After MKT went to work. From 11-2 was the LONGEST 4 hours in my life! And then from 2-5:15 was EVEN LONGER! So annoying, but it was well worth it to make someone happy! lol. Anyways, work was work. Like everyone was gone so we all just pretty much sat around the office all day. I did call Tech support for Dell.

So I call into Dell, had to sit on hold for like 30 minutes before even getting to someone. So I get on there and she’s like, “Who am I speaking with”
I go, “Chris.”
“And what’s your Service code?”
So I give it to her…”8-Z-G-5-Z-0-1″
She says, “8-G-G-5-Z-0-1”
“No, 8-Z, as in Zulu, G as in George, 5-Z-0-1” I corrected.
“So that’s 8-Z-G-G-5-Z-0-1”
So by now I’m thinking, “Ok, this is a SIMPLE alpha-numberic code. How can she fuck it up THIS badly, and I mean, the last one wasn’t even the RIGHT length!” So I say, “NO, can I just give you the Express Code.”
“OK, thanks, what’s the phone number for the company?”
“515-956-369*” (* to protect the innocent)
She gets that wrong a couple times, finally get’s it right.
“Company Address”
I give it to her, she gets it WRONG! By now I was so mad, but I was trying my hardest to be nice. So then she asks for the company name, and I tell her, “Krell Inst”
“Frell What?”
“K-R-E-L-L Institute”
She gets THAT wrong a couple more times… Rarr, so MAD!

So finallly we get to the spot where she asks what the problem was. I tell her, and then she goes…”Can you JUST TELL ME what the problem was??”

Well you get the point, she was STUPID! Finally I was so mad that I just said “Can you transfer me to someone who KNOWS what’s going on.” And the bitch says “Please hold” And then she HANGS UP ON ME! I was sooooo fucking mad!

Anyways, after I vented with that, I just did random little things, etc. Good times. I checked my account to see when my camera was shipping. I get there and it says that it won’t ship tell MAY 9th. I was so pissed. So I cancelled it and then called up some places in DM and found one there. So at 5 I drove down there and got my camera. YAY! I now have my digital camera! So cool!

So after that I was like, I don’t want to drive back to Ames. So I went to my house in PC and spent the night studying cause I didn’t really feel like going out that night cause I was so tired. I eventually went to bed about 11. Andrew called me at 11:30 and woke me up. I was soooooo fuckin’ confused. For some reason I thought that he had gone to prom that night, and it was like 4AM, and he was calling me after-after prom. I was really confused. And apparently I kept telling him that I had just gone to bed, and that he hadn’t waken me. I still don’t even remember what we talked about. lol.

Saturday I got up and did random things around the house tell Andrew called, about 12:30. I left home to go meet him at his house and on the way out, my mom said to me, “Next weekend we’re getting in 320 trees so make sure your home. We have to plant them all.” I was in a hurry so I didn’t ask, it’s nothing odd for them.

So went over to Andrews and we hung out, did lots of random stuff. Ended up at Gray’s lake where we scared the breeders. So funny. From there over to Beak’s where we met some crazy people, Lori and some guy. She had good food so we stole some. She also had some hard lemonade, and I wanted to steal some, but I didn’t. Such good food though! Mmmmm. After that we went to Perkins down the street, everyone there was soooo creepy! The stupid put out meal on one tab, so Andrew just paid for it, so nice of him! The lady kept asking him if he wanted an easter egg, something about supporting some kids of some sort? Anyways, he got one and it had a buy one meal get one half price. So YAY for that! After that crazyness we went to some girls house for a bon-fire. That was TONS of fun, and it reminded me of my days in the BSA. So much fun! lol.

It was getting late, so then Andrew and I left, and decided to go back to Ames to watch movies. We got here and then decided it was too late to do that, and also didn’t feel like driving him home. So he spent the night.

We got up this morning about 8ish, and have been hanging around my apartment all day watching movies and TV, and just hanging out and talking about random shit. So much fun! I fianlly drove him home about 6ish, got to his about 7. Dropped him off and then drove back to PC to talk to the Pu’s some more. Found out that we actually ARE getting 320 trees… Not just an exageration from my mom. I guess that they’re going to try and re-forest a large part of our yard to lower their taxes. My Pu’s are so WEIRD!

Anyways, after that I drove home and now I’m here having a good time updating! YAY!


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