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So I know that some things shouldn’t yet be put up on the main page, so here’s yet anouther private entry. Friday I was so nervous because I had sent Drew Bear flowers at work.

It was so stressfull because the plan changed so many times. First of all the thing was to just show up Friday night whereever we were meeting with some flowers and then tell him that he could just “Drop the Almost.” But since he had showen up with flower randomly I thought that would look too copy-catish. So then I changed the plan to just dropping flowers off at his car while he was at work or the gym, with a note that said “Let’s Drop the ‘Almost’.” But then he dropped the bomb of him not being able to go out on Friday, so I was like, well I’ll do it Saturday. So Thursday I was sitting at work thinking about him, and I thought how nice it would be to get some flowers at work. So that sparked the IDea, and I ended up sending him some cute flowers at work! Yay, I feel so smart and caring! 😀

So yeah, that was my nice thing… It was however yet another WONDERFULL weekend, and there’s really not much more to update about….

Although I did make him cum again, I feel sooooo special 😀

Lots of great things happened, and now we’re official. So great!

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