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Old People

Old people are crazy, at least the old people I’ve been hanging around with lately. lol.

Yesterday I worked my ass off. We hung lights, did the christmas tree for my grandma, cooked, and cleaned, and did tons of other shit. Andrew called, and wanted to go out, but, alas, I’m 2 hours away from there. So I couldn’t.

Last night my grandma had to work at the welcome center here in town. So I got drug into working as well. We went up there at 5:30 and didn’t leave tell 10. In those 6 and a half hours, we had 130 people come through the door, all of them crazy loud old people. And there were only 4 hottie pant bois. It made me sad. Although I did talk to two of them, and I gave my phone number to one of them, cause he’s planning on going to ISU next year and hasn’t ever been to Ames, so I was like, “Call me! I’ll show you around!” The other hot boi goes to KSU, and has a girl friend. Damn him, but he’s visiting the people across the street, so that’s cool!

Today I had to get up early, and help my grandma take stuff to a craft show in Corning. We left here about 8:15. Rarr. Again, there were more crazy old people, so I left about 10:30 and now here I am writing this. I should be back in DM about 2ish, so people call me!


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