My Life

So Busy

So lately, I have been SOOO very busy.

Wed I sat at home waiting for the Pool people to get there. They got there, and one of them was WAY hot! I opened the door in my PJ’s cause I woke up at 9:45 and they were supposed to be there at 10. They were right on time. Anyways, they got it all set up, and the hot boi was like “So you going to de-virginise the table?” And I was like, “Yeah, with you!”

And then we played a game of pool. lol.

Anyways, after they left, I swept and mopped, and vacummed, and cleaned and scrubed, and cleaned some more. Tell the house was SPOTLESS! I love our house when it’s clean, cause it’s so pretty, and almost looks like one of those houses in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. But yeah, then my dad got home and was a big pig, like always. Fucked I was so fucking pissed. Dustin called me, and so did Scott, so I went out.

Scott and I got there first, so we hung out and talked, and that was good to just talk to him about things, then Dustin got there, and then Andrew and then Rob. It was TONS of fun! So great to hang out with them before the holidays. Anyways, they all said that they really liked my hair down as opposed to spikies, it’s nice people told me I look like shit with spikies before now! Rarr. Oh and Andrew wants one of my Senior Pics. roflol. I know he’s just going to laugh at me. :-P.

I left about 10:30 cause I had to finish my turkey. I went to bed at midnight.

I got up at 8, dressed and went down to put my bird in the oven. I get there, and open the fridge and MY TURKEY’S BEEN STOLEN!

My stupid mother felt the need to cook MY turkey. That was MY project, something that I was working on. Not her. I was so fucking pissed. And she didn’t even cook the damn thing right. RARR! But anyways, it DID turn good, and everyone asked for the recipie, so that made me feel really good.

The day went by fairly smoothly, and things went well. Beak’s going to go out with us to JJ’s sometime, so that’ll be fun.

Oh, so we were watching the holiday parades, like always, and yeah. I noticed that when there’s boob’s, there’s BOOB’s like right in the middle of my screen, and they’re there for a while. But when there’s hot firemen guys going by, they get like 3 millionths of a second. Fuckers.

I want more firemen hot bois!

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