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Weekend Fun

So this weekend has been fun, in between the arguments of everyone.

Friday I went to IC with Andrew, Jenny, and Ginny. That was fun as hell. We picked up Dustin, and then we all drove back… Good times. We then went downtown, Skinny had his video camera, and that was amusing.

After everyone left, I went to pick up Adam and we went back to Ames, that was nice.

SAturday we met up with Andrew and Dustin at the mall, and we shopped. I love shopping with them. We split up then, and went about other things. My PU’s new TV is infact HUGE!

Later that night I went downtown, and we all hung out, it was TONS of fun until Andrew went crazy, and then everyone just kinda left. Adam and I talked about things, and he’s feeling the same way that I did this past summer. Now he’s working tons and never gets to hang out with people. So he’s upset about that.

Apparently Mike and I need to talk about something “ASAP.” Or at least that’s what the message he left me said… I wonder what he wants. ::scratches head::

Anyways, I’m out! I have to work.

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