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So yesterday was good. I left for home about 12 and Andrew called me about 1ish, so I met him at the mall. We shopped and that was fun, even though I think we actually only went into like 2 stores. I must find him, my PU’s and some other people presents for christmas. I know what I’m going to get Adam, I just actully have to go get it. And it’s good cause we’re just going to get each other one thing, and call that our 1 year and christmas presents cause we’re both broke right now.

Anyways, after shopping I followed Andrew back to his house, and met like 1,000 people there. Ok, it was only three, but at the rate that he pulled me through his house, it seemed like alot more. He’s got a really cool house. I liked the way that it was decorated. Props to who ever did that! We went to his room and just hung out and talked some, his mom’s crazy. I also looked through a bunch of his pictures. And got some of the doubles of the good ones. Sometime I must remember to take a camera downtown. I always tell myself that I’m going to, but then I never do!

After that we went and picked up Skinny and went over to Dustin’s house. We watched crazy woman, it was amusing. The parts I could hear at least. Dustin’s brother was being all str8 and shit. And being str8 envolves being loud as well. Rarr!

We left there and went over to Chili’s to eat. Yummy food. I just got a soup and salad. Our waiter was gay, the people behind us were rude, and the place was packed. But we got in right away, do you think it has anything to do with dating the host?? I don’t think so! lol

After food we went downtown, and hung out, Mike left shortly after arriving. It’s sad that he’s gone now. Hopefully he’ll thrive in IC (not intensive care). lol

Adam called me about 10 and said that he was off. He wanted me to come over. I told him that I’d be there about midnight, after I dropped Andrew off at home, but he was uber pissed about that. Luckly Sheila was there, and could drive him home. So I left there, and was about half way there when he called and said that his PU’s weren’t going out after all, so I couldn’t come over. But since I was already on my way, he said to come over and we could sit outside. So I did and it was fucking cold. I totaly felt like I was breaking the law or that they’d come out and it’d be one of those, mom chases off the bf scenes like in the movies. But nothing happened. We sat there and talked for about 30 minutes, and then I left cause my feet were totally frozen. I was home by 11.

My mom was still up which was odd, but whatever, we talked some. She’s pissed that Adam’s mom is being such a horrid bitch about this whole thing, as am I. But whatever.

Today’s been good. I got up about 10 and hung around the house. Adam called me about 1 and I went to Wal-Mart to meet him. After that we went out looking for cars for him. It was good to hang out with him again.

“You remeber women, don’t you? They’re those people that have V-A-G-I-N-A-S where they’re supposed to have cock rings. However much they might like to pay around with them, especially if they’re famous and rich and called Madonna, most gay men just can’t deal with the very bits that make a woman a woman.”

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