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I just don’t get it. Why is there so much drama in some people’s lives? I’m perfectly happy in my non-dramatic life… Well, ok. Not perfectly happy. Everyonce in a while, there should be a little drama. But lately, there’s been a bit too much for me.

Even though there’s been drama, lifes been pretty boring over all. Yesterday I had class, and today I have class. Exciting eh? I really need to start doing something more. I’ve been contemplating “closing” the doors to my website. Just cause it’s been so damn boring around here. Also because as I go back and read other entries as of late, I realize just how boring it really is.

Why does anyone really read this thing anyway.

Rarr, don’t really mind me, just pissed off.

Anyways, I just got done reading the XY I got. It’s really good. I love that magazine. There’s a couple books that I want to go get now…
1) “A Boy I Once Knew”
2) “Sex Terror”

Both sounded really good. I’m going to sign up for a new credit card, so perhaps that’ll be my first purchase on it. Weee for 0% intrest for the first 6 months!

Julian: Go here Read down the Nov 15th post. It talks about that thing you wanted to see this past weekend that you didn’t get to see! OH! And I hope you got your cd’s back!

Oh, speaking of drama, I guess there was some this morning. Apparently something happened at group last night between Mike and Alex, cause this morning I woke up to a VERY rude message from TN Alex on IM. Something about spreading rumors and such. Which annoys me. Oh well, I’m over it!

In 9 minutes I will have RollerCoaster Tycoon 2.

I must think of christmas presents for people. I hate this holiday mostly becuse of that. I just don’t like the whole Idea of presents. Although, I like getting them, I hate giving them. Cause I just don’t know what to get people. I want them to like it and it really freaks me out cause…OMG, what if they don’t like it!?!?! I would feel like shit, eh!

Next Wed we’re getting a pool table at my house, so fun times there! We used to have this REALLY big old one on Davis, but we sold that house and couldn’t get it out of the basement, so we had to leave it, anyways. We’re getting another one, so that’s exciting.

Speaking of my family… Appearently there’s alot of problems happening on my mom’s side. They all own a 180 Acre farm, and my aunt wants to buy my mom’s and my grandma’s portion of it for ~half the fair market value, and my mom and grandma don’t want to sell it to her. So big fight happened. So my mom was like “We may end up owning a farm”. Just what my family needs more random land sitting somewhere. Things just are REALLY bad.

I’m out to go to class! Laters!

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I don’t understand that link. There are no Nov. 15th links. However, I assume it’s about Harry Potter.

Also, the website functions as a place for you to keep track of what happens in your life. Mine’s not that exciting either, but it’s good to write everything down. Keep up the good work!

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