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Harry Potter

So this weekend’s been fun. Friday we went out with Andrew and Dustin, amusing as hell. Like always!

Saturday we did shit in the morning which included Hobby Haven I want my train back! ::whines like small child:: lol Adam worked at like 3:30, so after that I went back to my house and sat around tell it was time to go to Perry to go see Harry Potter with my aunt and beak.

The movie was good. FAR FAR to long, but really good. I think it should have been rated R though for all the blood and shit. I was seriously scared during parts of it. It was crazy. I couldn’t beleive that people had brought thier small children to that movie. Crazyness. They should have had an intermission or something. That would have made it better. Plus it would have given more oppurtunites to check out the hot bois working at the food counter. Nummy!

Speaking of hot bois… There’s this article in XY about a tickling fetish… It’s very interesting. Perhaps if I get a chance, i’ll put it up!

I want this tattoo!

And here’s my schedule for next semester!

I was thinking that perhaps I could go work at a girl scout camp this summer if I don’t get an internship… Apperantly they’re open and accepting. And so are the Canadian Boy Scouts. So I could go work there as well!

Anyways. I’m out!

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I hate you. My schedule for spring sucks so far. I’m going to go play with it right now, but I don’t think I can make it much better. ::whines:: And what does your tatoo say?

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