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Hotty McHotPants

Mmmm, Jesse Shumaker. He’s a hotty McHotPants. And guess what, he’s sitting in very good view of where I’m looking. hehe. As is some other hotty McHotPants. Yummy.

Anyways, back to what I was saying. lol. I’ve got a test in an hour. It seems that today is test day, everywhere I go there’s people sitting in front of doors studying away like mad. Crazies. I think I have down what we need for this test. As least I hope so. All the examples he gave us seemed pretty easy. The only thing that I don’t know how to do is derive(sp) this:

(2x+1)/(2x-1) The book gets a completly different thing then what I get and my calculator gets something else that’s completly different then me and the book. It’s crazyness.

I’m going to go see Harry Potter on Saturday. It’ll be fun. I liked the first one, it’s just that being 2 and half hours seems like a LONG fucking time to sit and watch a movie. Adam’s working so he doesn’t get to go. 😛

I watched this show last night. It’s the MOST annoying show ever, but I have to watch it every week. It’s called “House Hunters” and the host is this stupid bitch, and it’s just so scripted and horrible. But the houses that they show are generally pretty cool. Last night this guy was looking to move off his boat and he looked at this apartment that was just SOOO fucking sweet. It was all wood floors, and explosed like everything, it was such a cool place, and he passed it up. What a dumb ass. And the guys realator was such a fucking dumb ass. He talked really horse like and had YELLOW teeth. And when they went to see a house, he opened the door and then said “I’ll wait for you here” he didn’t even show them around the house. It was SO STUPID!! RARR!

I have a possible job interview at Vodaci Tech in Urbandale. I’m waiting currently for the president to call me back to set one up. YAY! Perhaps a job!

Speaking of jobs. Nazanin was gone yesterday, so I got a TON done, however, qmail relays EVERYTHING. Which is VERY VERY bad in the security part of things. Phft. Oh well, i’ll get it fixed sometime.

I’m out!

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Ok, to clear a few things up…

That’s a : – P not a : – ) face. Sorry for the confusion.

Also thanks to Julian for calling me and giving me the right answer. However, it was just a tad to late, as I didn’t get it tell after the test. And well, we had a VERY similar problem on the test… Opps. I missed those 6 points. Oh well

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