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Here it goes again….

So last night I finally caught up with the IM tag guy. Come to find out, he’s the other Boy Scout on the QUOC list and we’ve talked through e-mail before. But we got to talking about boy scouts and apparently, where he works during the summer, there’s two gay guys on staff, and everyone on staff is cool with it. So I’m going to look into working there. I REALLY want to go back to a camp this summer. It’d be so much FUN!

Speaking of the summer, I worked out my work schedule for all of next year. And if I work what I want this spring, I’ll only have 120 hours per month this summer. Which isn’t very good. Rarr at stupid schedules. I wish they’d just let us work what we wanted. Fucking Gov’ment as well.

So today’s been good. I send out 14 letters of apps to people that I’ve talked to about internships. So I better fucking get something out of this. If not, then it’s hopeless.

Everyone should go here and send out for a bumper sticker. So fun!

Anyway’s I’m out!

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