My Life

It’s out!

So bad times all around.

Today I had a HORRIBLE day. I got up and felt like shit, but I said to myself:

“Self, you haven’t missed ANY classes yet, don’t start now!” So I went to class, in which we did NOTHING! Yet again.

After that I went off to work, where, like always, on my worst days Nazanin has the most tedious and annoying of jobs to do. Rarr. I was soooo pissed. And she just didn’t get it. You would think that me walking away from her while she’s still talking would tip her off. But whatever. Rarr. I really need a summer job. I won’t be able to stand it all year there. On a good note, Ramsey was incredibly cute today!

About 4ish, Adam called and told me of his HORRIBLE day, which just added to my horrible day. Cause now his mom hates me I’m sure. (and don’t go reading that aloud to your mother, damnit. He always does that). Anyway he told his mom, after 11 months, that we’ve been going out. And I guess she didn’t take it very well. I’m sure that Adam can expand on that. (HINT:: Go update ADAM!)

Umm, yeah. Not much else going on. I’ve been working on Adam’s new computer. Again, SUSE 8.1. SOOO PRETTY!

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