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What a waste

So I got up this morning. All excited to go vote… I got dressed and went out to my car. Only to find about 3 INCHES of fucking snow covering it, and a slushy mess covering the roads. I don’t want to drive to PC in this shit. Especially with the back roads that I have to take to get there from campus. So off to class I went. It started at 8:00, and ended at 8:30. It was a TOTAL waste cause she just covered multiple regression curves, which are VERY simple, once you understand linear regression. And since I’ve already had them in my other class, it was totaly a reveiw that I didn’t need. Rarr! Anyways, so after that it was still nasty out. So I came over to Carver and have been working on a thingy thing for a while. I’ve gotten annoyed with it now, because it seems that I can’t put default values into text boxes in HTML. I can do it with textarea’s but then it appears I can’t control the entering of new lines. So it’s just a never ending cycle of annoyancies.

Yesterday was alright. I didn’t really do all that much. I stayed late in the Library hoping to catch Julian to give him his Mandrake CD’s back, but I couldn’t seem to find him. I got all my Calc done though, so that was good!

I’ve been playing IM tag with this boy lately, apperntly we have TOTALLY opposite schedules. Cause he’ll IM me, but I won’t be there, and then I’ll IM him when I get back, but he’s never there… It’s been going on since Sunday night, it’s really funny!

I installed SUSE 8.1 on an old computer Sunday. It’s VERY VERY pretty… Everyone should download it. It only took me about 3 hours to get it, and then another 2 hours to download the updates (which included KDE 3.0.4, which was about 100 Megs). But this morning I restarted it cause I let it download updates all night, and the damn Xserver wouldn’t come back up. I think I just have to run SaX again, to fix everything, but we’ll see. It also doesn’t recognise the sound card, but that’s no surprise cause so far nothing that I’ve installed has!

I really wanted to vote. FUCKING WEATHER! Perhaps tonight. I have tell, what, 9 or something!

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Omg.. It’s so sad that now 4 years later.. I have NO IDEA what multiple regression curves and linear regression. EVEN IS!

God, school really is a waste!

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