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So, we had our first Calc test today, and I got totally ass raped by it. It sucked MAJOR ass…. Every problem but one he you had to use this (f(x + h) – f(x)) / h. Something that looks easy, but I never did understand it. I figured we’d be able to use all these other rules that we’ve been learning about since like the 2nd week. But nope. So yeah, I got the right answer for EVERY problem, but I didn’t do it the way that he wants, so I’ll get 2 of the 6 points for all the problems, which isn’t passing. So that’s NOT good. Rarr!!

But in good news, this is the 6th week of classes… So we’re getting there…

Adam was online today for like 10 seconds, but I was busy with a group project, so I couldn’t talk to him 🙁 He said he’d be on later tonight, but I don’t think I will be. Rarr!

Umm, Redhat 8.0 is SWEET!! I love it. Everything’s so pretty and shit. I just haven’t found the place to change the theme, etc. It’s usually under something called “Look and Feel” but it’s not here anymore. Rarr! But I’m happy with it. Samba STILL doesn’t work, which was the reason that I upgraded, but I’m sure it’s just some stupid thing. (Mental Note: Must find a SAMBA expert)

Also Opera doesn’t work, but I know why. Damn librarys and shit! But Mozilla’s nice.

Anyways, I’m going to study… Or at least attempt too. Laters!!

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