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Redhat 8.0

So tonight it appears that my Linux box will be getting a major work over. I’m downloading Redhat 8.0. I hope that it’s better then 7.3 but doesn’t have all the bugs that the typical even releases have. I remember with 6.0 came out, and there were SOOO many bugs in that one, we had to wait tell 6.1 (which was really nice) came out and then 6.2 came out and boy, that was a pain as well. Then 7.0 came out and it was alright, but TONS of bugs in it as well. Then 7.1 and then 7.3 came out, both very nice, but 7.3 has quite a few bugs in it.

I hope that 8.0 is nice. I’m also going to download Mandrake 9.0 and Suse 8.0 once I find ISO’s of Suse… I’ve got a good place for the Mandrake ones. (Which I’ll start downloading tonight at work)

So yeah, not much else has been going on. I was expecting Adam to call me yesterday, but he never did. Oh well… Hopefully I’ll get a call from him today. But we’ll see.

Anyways, I have alot of work to do. So I’m out!

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I was totally going to call you but our phone card isn’t activated for some reason, we’re calling them and will hopefully br able to call you! Love you!

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