My Life

Pound, Pound, Pound.

So yesterday Adam and Missy stopped into work just as I was getting ready to leave, so we left and I headed back to Adam’s and they went to Missy’s. They met up with me at Adam’s about 45 Minutes after I got to Adam’s. Blah.

From there we went shopping with Scott, this was the first time I’ve gotten a chance to hang out with him and he’s really cool.

After shopping for like 3 hours we went to Java Joe’s. Scott and Missy went and got Dusting W and a shit load of other people. We met them at Java’s and went to Static about 10:30. It was good times, the guy at the door didn’t even check Adam’s (fake) ID, so that was amusing. We got in there and there was no one there so we just hung out. I hate dancing, but they made me anyways. I felt like such a dumbass. But I danced for a while and looked stupid. But within like 30 minutes I had a splitting headache, I still tried dancing as much as I could, but with the POUND, POUND, POUND of the music, I really couldn’t. I had to go somewhere. So I went to the balcony and hung out where it was quiter and cooler. I wasn’t planning on spending the rest of the 2 hours there, but I ended up doing that. Even though I may not have looked like I was having fun, I still had fun times. It was great, perhaps next time we go back I’ll take lots of caffine pills and tylenol first.

About 1am we went to Perkins and ate breakfast. Adam had to be back at 2:30, so we ordered before everyone else, thus we got our food first. I felt so bad eating in front of everyone, but whatever, we had to get home.

Last night was fun.

I got to bed about 3am, and then at 7:30am, my dad gets the great IDEA to put in a fucking skylight in our bathroom. (Which is on the other side of the wall from my head). So he cuts a hole in the bathroom cieling, not that bad, just a hand saw. Then…. He cuts the hole in the roof… Can we say LOUD?? He got out a power saw to do that sucker, and it took him like 45 minutes, I swear to god. I wanted to go punch him and hope that he fall’s off the roof or something. After that they noice died down a little bit, until he started putting in the skylight…. more POUND, POUND, POUND. Fucking shit..

I’m now working on 4 hours of sleep. I’m going to be dead today…

So in recap, last night was POUND, POUND, POUND. This morning was POUND, POUND, POUND. I hope the rest of the weekend doesn’t have that.

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