My Life

Sex Again.

So lately’s been fun. Saturday night Adam and I stayed home, I really wanted to go out, but it was still really nice to just hang out there and spend the night with him. I fell asleep so much though, and the Sunday Night Sex (Which by the way is on EVERYNIGHT! At Midnight on Oxygen) show lady had water-proof vibrators. I want one. They were to amusing. I love that show. I also made Peanut Pie, my FAV desert and we ate a lot of it. I feel FAT!

Today’s been good as well. We haven’t really done much, last night when I got home I closed my curtians and put an extra blanket over the window to block out even more of the sun, and then I went to bed… Well this morning I woke up and was like, Oh looky, it’s still dark, then I looked at my clock, it was 11:30. I was like, HOLY SHIT! So i got up and showered and shit. Adam called about 1:30 so I went over there and went on break with him, and then we left about 3. I also talked to Dustin, and that was nice, we talked bout some good things. After we left we went to Camp cause I wanted to see the opening Ceremony. Well we walked around for like 4 hours and had fun, then we found out that it didn’t even start tell 8:45, which means it’d be over about 9:30 or 10, plus the 30 minutes to get back home, I was like hell no I’m not staying tell then. Plus it probly would have made me cry again, so that wouldn’t have been good.

Oh well, I’m home now and class starts tomorrow.

Good times, Night all!

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