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6 Months and Counting

So tonight marks the six months. Yes, six months ago, on Dec 17th, a Monday night, Adam and I drove home together, pissed at each other, becuase of what two other people had told us about each other, we talked about it on the way home, and how we felt about each other. As we talked, we realized what had happened that night at the GLRC, we realized that we had been lied too by two of our close friends.

We realized what we really meant to each other, and that we wanted to be back together again, again after so long apart. Again. That night we drove home, talking, we got to his house, but we weren’t done talking, so we drove to a dead end, sat there and watched the neighbors christmas tree spin around, and we talked. We talked about how we felt, we talked about what we wanted, we talked about that damn spinning christmas tree.

That night, at about 9:30 PM, he asked me, “Would you be my Boyfriend?” I, of course, said yes.

From that night to this night we have been together, this monday night, we didn’t go to the GLRC where it started that Monday night, this Monday night, we went on our first real date. 6 months after it started, we went to the stereotypical supper and a movie date. We sat at the table talking about how our day was, talking about what we’ve been up to, and what we like. Talking about random things. We ate a nice supper, we saw a nice movie. We drove back to his house and as he drove down the street he took that turn that we took 6 months ago, not to go to his house, but to go to that dead end. We stopped there in the same place we were 6 months ago, when it was cold and snowy out, when people had Christmas lights and Christmas trees up. When the windows would fog over with the slightest breath. We stopped there and talked, 6 months it’s been, 6 months ago we sat here, in this same spot, talking. Today we sat there and talked about how great the last 6 months have been. 6 months ago he wrote in the fog on my window, “He’s taken.” Today he wrote on his windows. “He’s still taken.” We kissed and then drove back to his house, we sat outside in the cool June air, and talked about things, just random things.

We talked and then we said goodbye, it was 9:30, 6 months ago, at that time, we had made it official. And today, we’re as happy as we were then. To 6 months and many many more years, I love you Adam.

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